Oh I love check lists: A 30 before 30 Update

So blogging has been difficult for me lately. This whole balancing work, writing, blogging...not being a hermit has been exhausting. Seriously this whole being a functional grown up thing has really put a damper on sitting on the couch in my comfy pants tippy tapping away on blog posts. In short, being a grown-up is overrated. BUT I like getting paid...so it's a bit of a slippery slope.

To help me get back into the routine of blogging (isn't it amazing how random acts of adulting can really mess you up?!) I thought I would give you an update on my 30 before 30 list.

I'm going to be honest. As 30 gets closer and closer (March 1) I start getting more and more nervous. Maybe I've started buying into that whole "I'm a woman so I should be freaked out about turning 30 thing." I think the only other person freaking out more than me though is my mom. True story. Her youngest is turning 30, this freaks her out.

Mom if you're reading, I'm not turning 30...no...I'm not...nope. Not me. I'm still 6. You can carry on now.

So where am I at with this whole 30 before 30 thing.

Half way through is where I'm at. YAY!!!

Recently achieved

14. Become a better proofreader

I've been working on this for sometime. I went about improving my skills in several ways. I re-read "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White (by the way, the White is E.B White...as in Charlottes Web...) If you haven't read it you should. Teaching ESL has helped HUGELY because I have to be on my game so it's caused me to go back and review everything from parts of speech, to tenses, to how to build sentences. Also I was tasked with editing a draft of my dads book. John helped big time with that. It was a rather big project with a rather short deadline. My dad needed someone to give it a look before it went to his editor. So yay for proofreading.

15. Be more present

I've blogged about this one before. I've got such a terrible habit of being a multi-tasker. To the point where it's a detriment. We almost revere multi-taskers sometimes. "Oh look at all the things she can do at once!" Yeah well just because you can spin 12 plates at once doesn't mean that's a good thing. I've been making a very concerted effort to do things one at a time. Not being on my laptop when I'm watching a movie with John. Making dinner while listening to music not making dinner, listening to music, surfing facebook, checking my email and reading a blog. Some days it's easy other days it's not. But I realized I got a heck of a lot more done when I did them one at a time. It also prevented me from getting overwhelmed.

19. Move on

This almost deserves a post in and of itself. But in brief I will tell you that this has been a struggle. It's taken me almost 2 years to feel settled here. It's felt like where we're suppose to be for a long time but it look forever to feel settled to feel like we're building a life. We've actually gotten to the point where we're living our life still feeling blessed to have this opportunity but not in shock that we're here.

What I'm working on

6. Master my Holga and my Polaroid cameras.

Fun fact: Polaroid film should be kept in the fridge. I knew this. Really I did. Why didn't I do this? Because I don't think rules apply to me sometimes. I'm going to be bringing my holga on an upcoming trip so YAY! Should be fun.

8. Read/re-read 10 classics

I've got 4 down. I'm currently reading a 5th (Franny and Zooey) and I've got a bunch of others loaded onto my ereader. I have a bit of a commute to work some days which means I do a lot of waiting and sitting on trains which mean I do a lot of reading.

26. Go on an adventure with the husband

We're headed to Poland for 4 days a the end of the month. Finally a place neither of us has been!!

What am I looking forward to

20. Try the 30x30 challenge

I'm thinking I'll do this in December. It should be fun. Also it will cut down on what I need to bring with me to Berlin for the two weeks we're there over Christmas and New Years.

So there you have it. Where I'm at with my 30 before 30 list. Half way there and only 105 days to go.


Erwin Warkentin said…
The rule doesn't apply to you. Of course not. It applies to the film cartridges in your camera.
Sandy said…
I hated turning 30. HATED it. Oddly enough, turning 40 was no big shakes. You'll be fine. Throw yourself a big party and live large.