Maybe tommorow we'll want to settle down

The husband and I are finally together in a country neither of us has been. Yup, we're currently in Krakow visiting a friend. Here's the thing Poland has always been on my radar of places to visit one of my closest childhood friends (hi Olivia) is Polish. We met in first grade. We're actually still friends. Which is an amazing thing considering how much I moved around as a kid. My moms father spent some time as a child living in Poland as well. I remember the day I discovered he could speak Polish. My mom said to me, "I bet you didn't know he could do that." Nope, I didn't.

So far we've wandered and learned. Eaten perogies (how I've missed perogies) and drank amazing hot chocolate. Basically we've enjoyed just adventuring. Coming up is a trip to the Salt mines and a tour of former Soviet Krakow in a trabant.

I have a bit of an obsession with the Trabant so I'm ridiculously excited about that.

More than anything though I'm just happy we're adventuring together.