Jamie, get your kleenex.

I wanted to call this post "my best friend is better than yours" but I realized that everyone thinks their best friend is better than all the other best friends the world over.

So Jamie....go get a kleenex.

Can't say I didn't warn you.

I met Jamie at the same time I met John. One could say I've known her longer because I knew her name on day one of staff orientation where as I didn't know John's until maybe day two or three. Also I should be clear when I say I met my husband and my soul mate in the same summer I mean her when I'm referring to my soul mate.

Actually if I'm quite honest she and I "met" via email months before that. She had put an ad in our University paper about wanting to start a rugby club. I emailed her. She emailed me back and then nothing. This was also around the same time in which I saw the article in our University paper where John was quoted by his roommate in an article about a beloved sandwich.

Yup, these two people were meant to happen to me.

Jamie is pretty awesome. Here's why:....oh yes Jamie...a list....oh how we love lists....

1. She teaches high school. Yup, this either makes her a saint or completely insane. She and I both had English teachers that rocked our worlds and are the reason she and I both studied English in University. And now she's paying it forward by being that teacher for someone else.

2. She lets me pretend I have something to do with how awesome her children are. Her little ones are my godchildren. And her children just rock me and John's world. She doesn't bat an eye when I buy them roller derby T-Shirts. She loves the trinkets John picks out for them when he travels (although I'm not sure if anything will ever top the spoon from Cambodia.) She has given us a front row seat to their lives and we love every minute of it.

3. She flew half way around the world to see me. She also once two hours while pregnant to see me skate in my first derby bout. She also once rescued me from a family Christmas party at a bowling alley.

4. She is probably the only person other than maybe my mom who can text me with the following questions, "what's your chest size?"

5. She keeps me humble. When I publicly announced I had been chosen as the head coach for Switzerlands National Roller Derby team she simply said, "Don't fall on your face." I had actually called her the day before to tell her and she freaked out right along with me. (Fun fact: I was so excited I forgot her phone number.) But those simple words speak volumes about our relationship.

6. She's always there even from 7000 kms away. Seriously, she's magic. Really we have technology to thank for you this. Between facebook, email, instagram and imessage we talk every day. Time difference and living on different continents be damned.

7. She sends me the most amazing boxes full of love in the mail. If you follow me on instagram every so often you might see a picture of a box of love sent by her. She sends me everything from Peanut Butter to books to a flash stick full of pictures and videos of our godchildren. I send her one in return. We do it every few months. It's how we stay connected and it's fabulous!

8. She tolerates my insanity. Much like John she is the logic to my chaos. I'm not an easy person to be around sometimes. But if handling my crazy were an olympic sport she would definitely give John a run for his money for the gold medal.

9. She's the Thelma to my Louise (good thing that's my middle name). The Brain to my Pinky. The Han to my Chewie. The Gin to my Tonic. The vermouth in my martini. She and I are meant to be. She's one of those people who when we met I realized my life had changed and I would live the rest of my life with her in it.

10. Shenanigans.


Anonymous said…
Very, very sweet! I got choked up, and I don't even know her (aside from Instagram)!!!!