Just at CERN...seeing particles accelerate 
September was a weird month for me. You probably noticed that considering I was pretty scarce around here. September has always been a weird month for me. Trying to get back into a routine after spending 3 months basking in the laissez faire world that is summer has been a bit more difficult this year for some reason. I found myself suddenly in September kicking and screaming that I'm not ready to get back to being a productive human being. This was further exasperated by the fact I started working. This whole job that requires me to leave the house and wear pants thing has been interesting and super fun. I'll have an entire post devoted to that I promise.

So what HAVE I been up to other than raging against the dying of my summer (psssttt...Dylan Thomas is one of my favourite writers.)


I know I said I would devote a whole post to this and I will but for now I will say it's awesome and I'm in love. But very little could go wrong with this arrangement. Also I've been picking up several quick freelance jobs through oDesk and recently I was asked to do another piece for Matador Network that recently got kicked up to the senior editor so we shall see what happens there. I'm closing in on making my first $100 as a freelancer. I know that doesn't sound like a lot but when you're in the position of begging people to let you write for them it's a HUGE deal.


So I like learning. A lot. A lot. A lot. Buoyed by my 100% in my Science of Gastronomy Coursera class I decided to take two more coursera classes. I'm currently enrolled in a course about comic books and one for crafting an effective writer. Laugh all you want about taking a course in comic books but they way it's set up you actually learn about art appreciation, reading a comic book page as a complete poem as oppose to part of a bigger piece, and all sorts of things that John understands about comic books and I don't. The effective writing class is just a really good crash course in the foundations of writing. Relearning or reviewing the basics NEVER hurt ANY writer. Oh and with that class there is a journal portion so if you see random blog posts show up that seem to be out of no where...yeah those are probably assignments.

I'm still plugging away at my HTML class on Skillshare. John REFUSES to let me give up on that. It just makes me feel so dumb. Like seriously dumb. As much as I kick and scream about not having a brain for these kinds of things John just keeps telling me to quit my whining and finish it. I hate it when he's right and all supportive and believes in me! It makes it hard to throw in the towel. I also decided to take some of my freelance money and sign up for a photo composition class on Skillshare as well. That's one comment I kept getting during my travel photography course, my composition was good but it could be better. So I decided to invest a little of my money from the word mines and work on my other passion.

Writer. Blogger. Adventurer. World Record Holder.

The Bern Bonebreakers are amazing. Seriously amazing. They work so hard! They are a joy to coach. John occasionally comes to practice to help out (sssshhhh don't tell his derby widow friends...they might disown him.) We had our first league meeting on Friday and so they were so respective to my training plan and my suggested attendance policy. It was a very cool collective creative experience. Remember I came into WRDL a little later so they had a lot of stuff figured out by the time I arrived it grew a lot while I was there and that was awesome to see but watching my new league find their derby legs and their voice has been truly a blessing to see.

Oh and they voted me in as their VP on Friday. I am humbled and honoured they think so highly of me.


Because John traveled so much in August we've been adventuring close to home. We went to CERN in Geneva on Sunday for their Open day. That was pretty cool. I didn't get a lot of it. Not because of the French...oh no. They had everything in English and French. It was mostly because of the physics etc. John had to act as my science translator. He had to explain why the Higgs Boson was important using Shakespeare. Yup...he's a keeper.

I'm headed to the Gourmesse in Zurich on Friday. It's a food convention. Totally excited. I had to promise John I wouldn't get thrown out for fondling the Green Egg Smokers. Best part though? John might come along for funsies. This is kind of a big deal, he rarely takes days off so when he said he would look at his schedule to see if it's doable to take Friday off I got super excited.

My annual writing adventure known as NaNoWriMo is 30 days away!! YAY!! Or as John calls it "The Month he get's a lot of alone time" or "The Month my Wife totally misses because she's writing." I'm going to try my hand at actually planning for this years NaNo. Oh yeah...I said it. I'm going to be a planner this year not a pantser. Or at least I'll try to be.


Still waiting to find out if I got into the Glimpse Correspondents program. Their facebook page has assured applicant we'll find out soon. Sigh.

So what do you have to look forward to around here this month? A blog about my new job, a vlog about my favourite German words, a post about some of the strange expat celebrations that happen that few people know about, a tour of my shoe collection and all sorts of other fun schtuff!

Bring it on October!