Oh I love check lists: A 30 before 30 Update

So here we are, 6 months away from turning 30. So let's do a quick check in on where my 30 before 30 lists is at.

13 out of 30 things have been accomplished. So yay! You might notice if you look at my list there have been some bonus items added and some items have been edited.

"What? You can't edit your list!" Yup, I can. Here's the thing, lists like this should be fluid because sometimes life throws things at you and you just have to go with it.

Let's look at some of the edits first shall well.

6.  Now: Master my new holga and my Polaroid
Was: Master the art of my East German film SLR.(did you know the body alone weighs 2 pounds!?)
Reason for the Edit: My East German SLR is old. Like seriously old. There is about 50 years worth of grime lurking around inside my camera. My dad and I had a really good look at it while he was here because I was having issues with it not advancing and my film getting eaten. We figured out my mirror was getting stuck. Basically my camera needs about 50 years of crud cleaned out of it. Finding someone who can do this is proving to be quite the task. If all else fails I might try to do it myself but the thought scares me. I will head to my favourite camera shop and ask them what they recommend (they no longer have a guy that cleans old cameras.) So I still wanted this goal to be photography related. I have a 120 format Holga and a Polaroid. Both of these are films I'm not so familiar with using. There is a trick to using Impossible film (the new polaroid film) and I've never used a toy camera (that's the holga) before so this should be an adventure.

20. Now: Try the 30 x 30 challenge
Was: Try the six item challenge

Reason for the Edit: Remember that job I got? Yeah I start tomorrow. And being me I've been freaking out about what I'm going to wear since I got the job. The 6 item challenge seemed simple enough for working from home and occasionally meeting John after work or going into to town running errands. But then the job happened and I got to thinking, I don't think I could pull that off in a professional environment. So I got looking for another clothing type challenge. I found the 30 x 30 challenge. Basically you pick 30 pieces from your closet, and create 30 outfits for 30 days. That seems a bit easier for my now "real job outside the house."

26. Now: Go on an adventure with my Husband
Was: Go with the husband on one of his business trips.(This item has been husband approved)

Reason for the Edit: I will admit to being a bit naive with this one. John has been on 3 business trips since I came up with my list and being able to go on any of them with him has been out of the question. For a few reasons, some of the places he goes are expensive to get to. Also some of the places he goes require visas. And no he can't pull strings for me to get one. One of the places he might be going even requires an invitation from the country. So yeah that's a no go. So it's been edited to be a bit more broad. An adventure will suffice. If it happens that I get to tag along on one of these trips he does, excellent. If not, I'm sure we can find an adventure some where.

Now let's have a quick look at what I've accomplished recently.

1. Applying for the Glimpse Corespondents program. YAY! A list of the successful applicants should be announced shortly. YAY squared. Apparently if I'm not successful this time around there will be another chance to apply in November. YAY cubed.

5. Successfully grow tomatoes. I can't even explain how excited I am that I pulled this off. Especially considering the rules around here use to be "Tatiana just looks at the garden." Apparently I have a green thumb. Go figure. I should also mention my tomatoes were grown from seeds. YAY!!

 What's coming up?

9. Successfully saber champagne. Apparently the reason I failed in my first attempt was because the bottle wasn't cold enough. Good to know.

14. Become a better proofreader. I'm actually signed up for a coursera class called "Crafting an Effective Writer" so this should be a great refresher. Did I mention coursera classes are free?

18. Write a book the Stephen King way. I have an idea...it needs some planning. NaNo is coming up so this should be awesome!!

25. Do the Montreux wine hike. It's getting into Grape harvest season which I'm told is the best time to do this hike. So here's hoping we can find some time to do some vineyard hiking!


When you finally successfully saber the champagne, make sure the husband videos it so we can watch. Congrats and good luck on the new job.