Bring it on GISHWHES

Yeah my laptop and typewriter like to hang out together.
I stumbled in the door from derby practice on Sunday night. Sore, sweaty and tired. I had the girls throwing themselves on the floor. Yeah, I'm a jerk like that. It had been 30 minutes since the GISHWHES item list had gone live.

After an advil and a glass of water. I plunked myself down on our bedroom floor and started looking at items. I figured I would get to my sweaty gear later.

It is now Tuesday gear is still in my bag from Sunday night...this is not good. See what happens when GISHWHES barges into your life? You get super creative, meet awesome people and forget about your smelly derby gear festering in your gear bag in the hallway.

My team had already been conferring for about 30 minutes by the time I got in on the conversation and got a look at the item list.

My mind was blown. The awesomeness. The epicness. The creativity. The sheer abnosomeness of it all.

So will I be sharing pictures and videos as we go? 

No, I can't. Against rules. The above picture is me just drafting. It's not the actual picture we needed for the item. However afterwards I can share to my hearts desire.

Will I be telling you what our team needs help with? YES!

How you can help #1:

Hug someone for us. It's the global 'Hug Campaign' sponsored by GISHWHES - a Guinness World Record attempt to collect at least 100,000 images of people hugging. 

Email me picture of you or someone you know hugging someone else while one of them holds up a note with a message for the world - anything you want to say - Even if it's simply a drawn smiley face. This image will then be joined with thousands of others and posted in an online photo album of global hugs.

You can email me your pictures at thedubioushausfrau{at}gmail{dot}com (or just click the handy envelope button in my sidebar) and I'll add them to our collection. Since Sunday they have already collected over 4000 hugs!

How you can help #2:

One of them items required one of our team members to start a twitter feed for her alarm clock. So if you're on twitter, please follow she only needs 200 followers and she's already at 186. 

How you can help #3: 

Keep an eye on my facebook page there will be cries for help....requests for assistance posted there.

And now back to getting my gishwhes on!