The reverse bucket list

Kissing in front of the Eiffel tower
A bucket list item for some
A way to annoy the husband for me.
I recently discovered a fabulous new blog. Actually she found me and then I found her. Either way, you need to check out Chimerikal. Erika travels, she taught English in France, she's a grad student, she's awesome and she asks some very interesting questions like, "does what we do before we make our bucket list matter?"

Yeah....makes you think huh.

It made me think too.

Ever since God and The Joker got together and made that movie a few years ago people have been tossing around the whole "bucket list" idea. I like that people started thinking about what they would do before they passed on. Were no more. Ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet their maker. Shuffled off their mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible. Became're welcome python fans. We're not immortal. We don't know when our time will be up and it's a good thing to reflect on what we might regret when it's our turn to push up daisies. 

The concept of having a list of things you want to do before you die isn't anything new but thanks to the film the concept got a cute flashy title. I've tossed the phrase around myself. My mom likes to use it in her blog when she writes about the adventures she and my dad have been on this year during his sabbatical. And that's great. I have a 30 before 30 list. Not to suggest that turning 30 equals death (although a friend did offer me condolences when he found I was going to be 30 next year) but I do genuinely fear that one day I will wish I had done something in my 20's and that some how in my 30's I won't be able to do it for whatever reason. But I don't have a bucket list. I'm afraid it would get in the way of living. Yeah I know it sounds like the complete opposite of what having a list like that is suppose to do but hear me out.

If you're obsessed with striving for a check mark what are you missing along the way? And further more, does this list discount everything you've done already, before you made yourself a nice neat little list? Are we forgetting how far we've come when we spend so much time focused on what we still have to do?

Erika posted her reverse bucket list in the hope that should would inspire someone. Hey, Erika, you inspired me. I got out my trusty pad of paper and a pen and I started writing. I needed this moment of reflection. I needed to see where I've been to appreciate where I'm at right now.

  • Been paid to write
  • Saw Stonehenge up close
  • Climbed the stairs of The Monument in London
  • Climbed the stairs of the Arc de Triumph
  • Worked and lived abroad on my own.
  • Saw the Colosseum in Rome
  • Visited the Vatican
  • Visited the St. Gallen Library
  • Graduated from University

  • Finished 2 online courses (working on a third)
  • Been shopping in Milan
  • Saw the Statue of David in Florence
  • Rode on a carousel in front of the Eiffel tower
  • Bought books at Shakespeare & Co
  • Got rid of most of my stuff and moved overseas
  • became an Aunt (will be x2 this September)
  • became a Godmama x2
  • Hiked in the Swiss Alps
  • Saw the Matterhorn...twice
  • Gone on a picnic
  • I own expensive perfume
  • Been front row to see one of my favourite bands play
  • My hair has been a kaleidoscope of colours
  • Own a book autographed by the author

  • Found a best friend
  • Married a super awesome boy
  • Met one of my favourite authors
  • Had my work workshopped by another one of my favourite authors
  • Ran a 5km race
  • Saw the Grand Canyon
  • Visited Time Square
  • Renewed my wedding vows
  • Completed 5 NaNoWriMos
  • Swam in an ocean
  • I own several vintage cameras...that I actually know how to use.
  • Saw icebergs up close
  • Gone whale watching

  • Been to every Canadian Province
  • Played roller derby in front of 1800 people
  • Bought a typewriter
  • Got my German citizenship
  • Ate Pizza in Italy
  • Saw Vivaldi's church in Venice
  • Gotten a tattoo x2
  • had someone write and sing a song about me
  • Learned how to make Sushi
  • Partied in Vegas
  • Saw the Statue of Liberty
  • Gone shopping at Harrods
  • Had coffee where some of my favourite writers/thinkers/people had coffee
  • Gave a homeless man my gloves in the middle of winter
  • Kissed someone in the rain
  • Fired a Gun
  • Felt confident in a two piece swimsuit
  • Visited a Chocolate factory
  • Visited a castle (several actually)
  • Met Julie Newmar
  • Met R2-D2
  • I own a tiara
  • Finished a paper journal
  • Blogged in one place consistently
  • Been a Bridesmaid
  • Been a Maid of Honour
  • Made a dream come true
  • I own a Venus flytrap
  • Made my own adventure book
  • Rescued a Pet
  • I have several piercings...some I can even show people ;)
  • Played Rock Band like a rockstar
  • Been on the radio
  • Been on the news
  • Been in a commercial
  • Been in two places at once
  • Taken a ride on an elephant
  • Gone on a canoe trip
  • Saw a West end show
  • Saw my roller derby heroes in action
  • Attempted skydiving (sure I didn't get out of the plane...but that's a lot further than a lot people)

I'm sure there are things I'm missing. But that's not a bad list if I do say so myself. So what would be on your reverse bucket list?


Tatiana!!! Ah, this makes me so happy! :)

Like I said in that comment I left a bit ago on your blog, I feel like you are the upgraded/cooler version of myself, haha, so reading this list made me feel like, "Ah, I want to print this out and DO IT!" My bucket list has been written!!!! :)

No, but really, you've done some majorly cool stuff!!!! I'm getting a ton of inspiration from this list so thank YOU! :)

Jaim said…
Is that all?



Here's to many more adventures!