Sometimes I hate every stupid thing you say...

Those two idiots have  been together for 10 years as of today. Yeah...10 years. Whoa. That's 3652.42 days. I can say for certain that when we had our awkward first kiss 10 years ago in his buick after out first official date as a couple neither of us even considered that a) 10 years later I would be blogging about us from my laptop on our balcony in Switzerland and b) 10 years later we'd still be two stupid kid in love. John was about to turn 23 when we met. I was 19. Babies I tell you!!

In honour of our 10 years of finding each other rather amiable I give you 10 of my favourite memories from the last 10 years.

  • Not long after we started dating we celebrating his birthday at a pub in our town. It's where I met most of his friends for the first time. John, being the gentleman he is, ordered a drink for me. He ordered me some pink concoction. He figured I was a girl I would want a girl drink. I didn't want to embarrass him on his birthday, in front of his friends. So I spent ALL NIGHT taking the tiniest sips ever. One of his friends caught onto my ruse and ordered a second beer and would let me sneak sips from that when John wasn't looking.
  • He called me a jerk right before he proposed. Like seconds before. As in, he called me a jerk, I replied, he popped the question. Yup, we're crazy romantic.
  • The morning of the London bombing in 2005 I called him from Canterbury. I was instructed to call my parents and my boyfriend because the school I was working for didn't want them to wake up in Canada worried about me. It was about 6 am. I called. He was super sleepy. I told him everything. I was scared. After I was done explaining everything from how I was terrified to we were going to evacuate our schools in London and bring them to us in Canterbury he said, "I know you're scared but right now, I'm just happy to hear your voice."
  • The night we met Inspector Dylan Tiger at the shelter. He informed me we had to take him home because slightly chubby gingers need to stick together.
  • When I started roller derby in June 2009 he was determined to help me pick the right derby name. We spent an hour driving home from a wedding yelling potential derby names in our rented truck to see which ones sounded the best while being yelled.
  • A road trip isn't a road trip without singing, "If I had a million dollars" at the top of our lungs.
  • The day after our wedding we went to a used book store/coffee shop. Like I said, we're super romantic. We bought books and coffee. The cashier gave us free coffee when he found out it was the first day of wedded bliss.
  • Recently in Paris over dinner I asked John what he wanted to do for our anniversary. He asked what the was. I glared at him. He said, "No today's date." I continued to glare at him and said, "it's the 15th of June and no this doesn't count."
  • The day we landed in Switzerland. We had no idea what we were doing. We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into and we had no idea if we had just made the biggest mistake of our lives. But we pinky swore that as long as we have each other....and snacks...we'd be fine.
  • We have differing opinions on the following things, Ayn Rand, the oxford comma, how often one should consume potatoes and Christmas...but some how...we make it work.


HomoHausfrau said…
Awww! You two! <3
So cute!

This made me spray coffee all over my computer though.. loooool:

• "The night we met Inspector Dylan Tiger at the shelter. He informed me we had to take him home because slightly chubby gingers need to stick together."
Awww, I really enjoyed reading this!!! I think my favorite part was about yelling the roller derby names! Hilarious!

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! To another happy 10 years (and 10 after that... and 10 after that... and so on and so forth).

BavarianSojourn said…
Loved this post. Happy Anniversary! :)