No more terrible twos!

The Dubious Hausfrau circa 2010
According to webmd now that my blog is 3-years-old it should be able to speak in 5 to 6 word sentences, throw, kick and catch a ball, follow three step commands and bend over without falling over. I'm not sure I can do those last two at 29 come to think of it.

In July 2010 I sat at John's computer in our downtown apartment in Winnipeg and created this blog. I had left my job with uncertain plans for my future. I was lost. I created this place because I was lost. I had no idea what I was doing or what was going to happen to us I just knew I needed a place that made sense. This blog happened to be it.

I didn't blog much here in those early days. When I look back there were 2 posts in July, 2 in August, 2 in October. Things progressed slowly. Back in those days I blogged about laundry, Dylan, making cheese and other cooking adventures.

I was finding myself and I was finding my blog voice.

Inspector Dylan Tiger circa 2011

I tried a few things that got some attention. I explained the whole lack of offspring thing.  I explained what its like being the daughter of a PhD. And my dad even got in on the whole new blog thing and wrote me a guest post about why I should have kids...which lead to an interesting discussion among my roller derby teammates at our photo shoot the following weekend.

Then in July of 2011 something happened. We found out we were moving to Switzerland. And suddenly my blog was given a niche. Suddenly my blog became less about me finding myself and more about us figuring out what we were doing in Switzerland.

First picture I took here
Suddenly there were posts about the steep learning curve, being a trailing spouse and trying to be a writer. I wasn't just given a niche but I found my voice. I had direction. I had something I knew I could not only writer about but something I knew I could write about well. This blog made me brave. So brave in fact I tried vlogging.

This blog got me not only a little bit of attention but also awards. People have found their way here in various ways. And it's truly a beautiful thing. It may or may not have even lead one person to calling my husband at work. I kid you not.

This blog became less a safe place but grew into a place I was not only proud of but a place that attracted others who either wanted to read my words or would nod at the experiences I'm sharing because they can find something of themselves in me and my life.

This place has been a gift to me and I am so thankful for it. Here's to many many more years and many more blog posts.

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