7 years since the great big party for our love

7 years ago today someone cleared away my pie at my wedding reception before I even got a chance to take a bite. This was after one previous rescuing by my wedding day girl Friday Lindsey. Sure there was wedding cake later but I really wanted that rhubarb pie!

7 years ago today my best friend Jamie stood in the ladies room at the place where we had our reception holding my wedding dress so I could pee. Yup, I just took the whole thing off. My friend Jody, sister of my wedding day girl Friday and wedding pianist, came in, saw Jamie standing there holding my dress and just said, "Hi T!"

7 years ago today my Oma told me she was so happy I was getting married but so sad Opa was missing it.

7 years ago today I played pool and drank Guinness in my wedding dress with our bridal party between the ceremony and reception at the same pub John and I went to on our first official date. Let me just say, it's hard to play pool in a wedding dress.

7 years ago today I married the boy with hilarious t-shirts from the small town I had never heard of.

It's weird when we look back on some of these pictures. We can't help be think, "who let those CHILDREN get married?!?" I had just graduated from University (as in 6 weeks before the wedding.) John was completing year 3 at his job, the one he got right out of University. I didn't have a career path. We had no idea how to be married. Hell, we didn't actually even own a bed, we had a mattress on the floor of his basement apartment.

We've been a couple for 10 years and a lot has changed in 10 years. For the better, hello living in Switzlerland. For the worst, I had to cut some of the video from our ceremony because there is glimpse of my Oma and I just couldn't handle it. But overall the last 7 years have been a really weird and wonderful thing.

We've never been very good at celebrating our Anniversary. Not sure why. On our 4th wedding anniversary we spent it visiting my Oma in the hospital because it was days after she had her stroke. On our 5th anniversary we were packing up our life in Canada. We almost completely forgot about our 6th wedding anniversary because we had just arrived home from our visit to Canada. We're just not very good at celebrating the anniversary of promising to love each other a whole heap in front of all our friends and family. But we're okay with that. This year as a gift John bought me a laptop. He says it's really a gift for both of us, I get a new laptop and he gets to not hear about me needing a new laptop. Good times.

I bought him beer.

Yup. Beer.

As John pointed out on Saturday when it comes to gifts he can throw money at them and call it a day. But I can throw creativity around like nobodies business.

He's right.

So John here's to 7 years of almost forgetting the day we got married. Having a love strong enough to survive an overseas move. And manically laughing at all the same stuff.


Kelly Rodriguez said…
Happy Anniversary! What a great post! The video is precious...nicely done! And your beer idea is genius! Cheers to you both!
Tatiana said…
Thank you so much Kelly!
Jaim said…
Happy Anniversary, you two!

Has it really been seven years?!

Time has flown.