What ho!

My stomach is full from breakfast. THANK YOU E Pellici for the AMAZING full English. The kind I dream about when I'm not here! By the way, a full review of the awesomeness of this mornings breakfast is forth coming. I promise. It's worth a post all on its own. Seriously. Other than that we've been adventuring, sightseeing and spending time with John's parents and their friends before they head back to Canada tomorrow. We head back to Switzerland on Sunday.

Some highlights so far, Stonehenge, 221b Bakers Street, someone saying my father-in-law looks like author Terry Pratchett, eating a cheese burger that didn't cost a million billion dollars and was done perfectly, a bus driver taking pictures of my vibram five finger shoes, seeing the house Harry Potter was born in...or at least according to the movie and bought I book I was meaning to buy last year but didn't. Yeah I know buying a book for most people isn't a highlight...but it totally is for me.

Watch my facebook page for pictures and updates.


Anne Marie said…
Awesome!!! I can't wait to hear about this breakfast :)

I really miss you. Skype date upon your return?
Jaim said…
Mmmm books...

Mmmm breakfast :)
Love your list of highlights! And yes, buying a book you've been meaning to buy is indeed a good one to include ;)
farfromhomemama said…
One word ... JEALOUS!
How long are you in the UK for? if you get a chance Rusholme's famous curry mile is definitely worth a visit in Manchester :)
Tatiana said…
Sadly we aren't here long enough to get to Manchester...however it is on our ever growing list of places to go.