What Ho! Part 2

We head home to Switzerland tomorrow. As lovely as London is. And by lovely I mean I love this city and would live here in a heart beat (you hear that husband...I would live here...just saying.) Getting home where all our stuff is will be nice. Although going home means John leaves for Madagascar in about 10 days...which he is doing a marvelous job not talking about.

Some more highlights for you;

- I climbed the 331 stairs at the Monument today. What's the monument? Well it's the monument that was built on the place where the Great London Fire started. Why did I do this? Well I read in my Lonely Planet guide I would get a certificate upon my return to the ground. Yeah...I totally did it for the certificate. Which is pretty awesome. Admittedly at the top John and I both wondered whose stupid idea that was. However, the dad behind us who CARRIED his son up all 331 stairs deserves a much much larger reward.

- We found a pub this evening close to our hotel. It had great food, awesome beer and friendly staff. On top of that there was a table of board games you could choose from and play as you ate and drank. We played scrabble and had a marvelous time. Hell we didn't even keep score. Though I think I won. Just don't tell John that.

- Let the record show John bought something at Harrods. I did not.

- The Tempest at the Globe is everything I hoped it would be and more. My parents took me to see The Tempest at the age of 4 and I've waited a really really long time to see it again. I had a moment where I was a little emotional (okay I cried) because this was kind of a huge full circle moment for me. More on that in a blog post all on its own.

- We totally went to the closest Boots (shoppers drugmart to my Canadian readers...Walgreens...I guess to my American readers) and stocked up on things like aspirin. 40p for a box of 16 tablets...they're practically GIVING IT AWAY (you hear that Switzerland?!?!)

- Trying to figure out what is wrong with your new camera and trying to figure out if it can be fixed is not the best way to spend they day. Trust me. However, if you ever find yourself with a dead camera battery and no way to charge it. Go to the Sony store, they will charge it for you. For an incredibly small fee you get 3 charges. Seriously, a life saver.