Learning...I does it...revisited

We're about 21 weeks into 2013 and I thought it would be a good idea at how I'm doing with my one word 365.

Book Learning

- Travel writing course is done. Has been for a while. You can read about it here.

- Travel photography course is almost done. As in I'm working on my final. Which is kind of huge and I need an idea for the photo essay that just isn't happening. So that's not awesome at all.

- Skillshare. I kind of like it more than a friend right now. I've known about it for a while and I really like the idea of it. Recently I emailed John a link to one of the courses, HTML & CSS from Scratch in 30 days.We both figured it was a pretty good idea and it was a fairly small price. I'm also taking two free courses. So yay! I'm thinking after I become a HTML genius I'll take the pickle making course they're offering.

- Still fighting...learning Lightroom. I'm fairly sure it exists just to tick me off.

- I got my hands on an old Polaroid. Yes, they still make film for it. But let me just say, there is a knack to polaroid photography. Who knew!? I know I didn't. So it's a learning process. Slow learning process. Film is expensive so I have to be careful.

Me Learning

- My camera broke while I was in London. It's still functional in every single way expect for the USB port got pulled off the motherboard. So no charging or importing using the USB. I emailed with Sony while I was in the UK. Nothing. I went to the Sony store. Couldn't do anything within our time frame. Came home. Finally broke down to Sony store here. I mentioned I did this when I spoke with John who is in Madagascar right now. First words out of his mouth, "Did someone die?" Here's the thing, I have a temper. A serious temper. So the possibility of me killing someone at the Sony store was high. The nice guy at the Sony store uttered the words I didn't want to hear, "that's not covered under warranty." Yeah apparently almost NOTHING is covered under their warranty...even if your camera is only 4 months old. Yeah. But he was super helpful. Magically the external battery charger I needed was on sale. Magical. I relayed the whole experience to John and he said, "You're handling this super well. Like really grown up and stuff." My camera works. Between the card reader and the charger I'm fine. Not happy. But I'm fine. I'm at peace with the whole thing. This is kind of a big deal. Usually I harbour on this stuff. And for the record, Sony has better employees then they deserve.

- Apparently I handle rejection really well. Who knew? I didn't. Okay I had an inkling but recently I wasn't shortlisted for the scholarship to the Homeric Writers retreat in Greece. I was disappointed. I read the shortlist a few times just to make sure (John apparently did too.) You know just in case I don't know how my own name is spelled. I was disappointed but I moved on. And not like a few days later. Basically right away. Oh well. Try, fail, try again, fail better.


Anne Marie said…
I am SO proud of the last two. Handling rejection and disappointment with class is not always easy, but you're pretty awesome ;)