Industrious Expats: The Orient Express

Today begins a new feature here the Dubious Hausfrau. When we moved here I left my career, my family, my friends, my life in Canada. I followed my husband 7000 km away from the place we loved so he could start a new job and I could start creating a new life for us.

Here's the thing, when you move you take your skills and passion with you. And you have think outside the box in your new country when it comes to using those skills and passions to their full extent. Sure we could just teach English like most people suggest (I'm really not sure why trailing spouse equals English tutor to most people...) but why would we when there is a whole world of opportunity waiting for us. Expat living gives us the freedom to try something that we otherwise would not have if we were still living in our home countries. So I give you my new feature: industrious expats. I want to show off what some of us are doing because we can be a pretty clever bunch.

The first industrious expat I want to feature is Elisa of The Orient Express. I know Elisa through our local expat forum. There is a group of us that get together once a month and have dinner together. Elisa's day job is being a electronics/software engineer. Over Lebanese  food about 10 days ago she spoke animatedly about her clothing company. She's passionate about colour and vibrant fashion statements. And bringing some fun to the otherwise no so fun Swiss fashion scene.

"I started this online shop because having lived in Switzerland for a while I noticed while shopping for clothes at the mainstreet stores that there wasn't much variety. All clothes seemed grey, white, or black, with no interesting designs, and truly stratospheric prices. I decided to bring some of the colorful and beautiful T-shirts, skirts, shirts, and accessories I saw while visiting Asia one day to Switzerland at affordable prices to combat the drabness of the streets! We're based in Switzerland so that our customers do not have to pay the high customs and shipping charges you'd get if you ordered from abroad."

Fun. Colours. Vibrant. I was sold!!! We exchanged business cards. Then I checked out her website. Let's just say I was sold the moment I saw she had a 7-11 t-shirt for sale (I hail from the slurpee capital of the world dontchaknow.) I also love that she's trying to offer something different and special in a sea full of pretty generic European fashion.

So please, if you have a moment, check out her website.

And now for the fun part. The first 10 people to email me at thedubioushausfrau{at}gmail{dot}com can claim a 10% discount code for her shop. Further more, are you an industrious expat? Want me to shine the spotlight on your awesome expat small business or venture? Or are you filling your time as an expat with something unique and clever? Get in touch I would love to tell the world about your awesomeness.