Call me maybe...

Fact: My husband John is a wonderfully charming person to talk to.
Fact: He's super proud of my writing and my blog. He even reads it now and then.
Fact: Someone called him at work this week to talk about his interview process. This person stated they found him using my blog.
Fact: There are lots of ways readers can get in touch with me that don't involve calling my husband at work.

Facebook - Yup The Dubious Hausfrau has a facebook page. You'll find links to my blog, pictures of my daily adventures, the occasional trip picture and just general awesomeness.

Twitter - I'm a prolific retweeter and a semi-regular tweeter.

Pinterest - It's where I like to repin things like exercise routines I will probably never do and desserts I probably can't find the ingredients here for and travel quotes that just feed my wanderlust.

Instagram - Want to see pictures of my lunch, what I'm wearing and my trips to the grocery store? Well instagram is for you. Follow me there and receive proof that I'm pretty much a huge nerd.

Bloglovin' - Bloglovin' is awesome. Totally a wonderful alternative for when Google Reader goes bye-bye as of July 1. They even have a super awesome import button from existing readers.

Email - yup you can email me at thedubioushausfrau{at}gmail{dot}com

Okay okay okay it's not as creepy as it all sounds. There was a substantial sleuthing and the general phone number for the UPU is public information aka it's on their website and my blog was just a very small piece of the puzzle.  John was perfectly happy to talk this guy. And it was all very innocent and just a real go-getter trying to get information on what a job interview at the UPU is like I was a little more concerned. I go to great lengths to make sure I don't over share and what I do share about those I love is with permission. Always.

So yeah...if you want to contact John if you have a job interview  at the same place he works don't call him at work. Just email me and I'll make sure he gets the message.