Pictures of where I'm from

I want to thank Michelle of at The American Resident  for the post that inspired this one. It was exactly what I needed this morning. So much so I shelved the blog post I was going to write today in order to run with this idea. 


I'm from flat. Flat that is so flat that you are pretty sure you can see to the ends of the earth. Cold in the winter that makes outsiders wonder how we function and locals question global warming. Summer heat that puts the wondering to rest and has everyone praying for rain. Thunder that rolls for kilometers and lighting that made me ask my husband why he turned on the bedroom light. Sunsets with colours Crayola hasn't thought of yet.

I'm from oceans of rapeseed, wheat, flax and sunflowers just outside the city limits. Cow after cow after cow grazing in fields along highways, service roads and beaten paths. Beloved architecture in the core of my city that still breathes that forces you to look up and keep looking up because you might miss the wheat bundles etched at the very top. Mr. Eatons shoe is so blinding with so many passersby hoping for good luck.

Elm trees line streets in my favourite part of town blocking out street lights, street signs and causing avalanches of leaves that beg to swished through. All a stones throw from a street that taught me the speed limit was 50, not 60, during my first drivers test.

I'm from a city of determined women who got the vote before the rest of our Canadian sisters. A community of musicians who told the world about american women, southern men, that this feels like home to me and the fact that, "you ain't seen nothing yet." A golden boy always making sure I know where North is. A hockey team and that came and went and then came back like they were never gone in the first place.

I'm from perogies and cabbage rolls made by women who bustle with authority. Men who tell stories of farms and communities and family weddings where baseball was played. Rhubarb platz made by feel and look not a recipe card. Laughter that rattles your soul and low German that drags you back to your childhood summers of car rides, zoo trips and strawberry picking.

I'm from a woman who can make a black forest tort blindfolded and a man that can run rings around you logically. A family that made sure I traveled my own country and traveled the world without forgetting where my roots are deeply planted. A family that wants us to come home but at the same time stay exactly where we are because it's where we need to be.


Jay said…
Loved this --- and find myself relating to most of it.

Perogies, cabbage rolls, rhubarb and the prairies - you've got me feeling nostalgic for home!
Tatiana said…
I'm feeling super nostalgic for home today. Which could lead to me making cabbage rolls for dinner.
Anonymous said…
Awesome place this Manitoba is, eh? :-)

Tracy Penner
BavarianSojourn said…
Gorgeous writing! Filled my head with pictures! :)