Oh hi!

Soooo....I've been busy. And not that mea culpa I forgot to blog please don't hate me kind of busy but seriously busy that I haven't had TIME to blog. But it's been a good thing. Such a good thing.

If you're a fan of my facebook page you'll know we've had visitors from the far away land of Alberta Canada. I've known Jaimee since I was 17. We met when were camp counselors. We refer to each other as Llama (or llamaface) due to our mutual love of the film the Emperors new Groove. Llama and her husband made their way here for a week. Oh how we adventured. We saw castles and chocolate factories and glass factories and mountains and cheese factories and more castles and a Freddie Mercury statue and drank wine made at a castle and saw the matterhorn and tried all sorts of different beers and talked and adventured and enjoyed thinking about things we haven't thought about in forever and yeah...visitors are fun!

Oh and this happened this week and so did this. Which was also very awesome but not as awesome as having a piece of home in our new found home.

T-minus 3 days until the next round of visitors.


Julie said…
How exciting! We're getting our first visitors since I moved to Holland this summer (my parents) and I'm super excited to do all the adventuring I don't get to do because I'm busy living a regular life.
Lovely pictures, too :) The chocolate looks oh so good. Also, I didn't know you had dinosaurs in Switzerland ;)
Tatiana said…
Yeah....Switzerland really needs to get a handle on their dinosaur problem.