Friday Letters

Dear Tomato seedlings....please don't die please don't die please don't die.

Dear London...this will be my 4th trip and yet I have a feeling there are still going to be things I won't get to do. Why must you have so very many awesome things I want to see??

Dear Polaroid're so very awesome. Thanks for being WAY cheaper than your new fangled counterparts. Also thanks for being fully operational despite your age.

Dear girl on the train that stared at my vibram five fingers for the whole 7 minutes to were wear acid washed and neon if anything I should have been staring at you. I had that the 3rd grade.

Dear husband...please note that I didn't kill you in your sleep after you referred to me as "elderly."

Dear tourists...some of us "damn locals" speak English. And most of us don't care that we've gotten in the way of you taking a picture.

Dear Mom & Dad...thank you for the ability to cuss people out in two languages.

Dear Laptop...I'm seriously considering going all "Office Space" on you. Don't let that happen.



  1. LOL! Very entertaining. I have never even attempted tom seedlings, buying the ready made plants instead (you're very brave!).

    1. Neither have I! My husband is a farm boy and has grown many tomatoes from seed in his lifetime so he's in charge of making sure they don't die where as I merely in charge of hoping and wishing for them not to die.

  2. You're going to London? You don't know how jealous I am. I love listening to tourists who assume no one else speaks English. It's highly entertaining.

    1. Yes I am! I'll enjoy it a little extra just for you.

  3. I believe you have my stapler...


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