Friday letters

Dylan and I circa 2010...he was a most helpful editor
Dear Husband....I always knew you loved our cat. I always knew you were super attached to him. I just never knew HOW attached you were. Thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one with a sad heart.

Dear Friends....your outpouring of love has been overwhelming. Just when that discounted feeling was really setting in you made us feel so loved and like we hadn't been forgotten about from 7000 kms away.

Dear lemurs in Madagascar...I hope my husband sees NONE of you while he's there. Because really who goes to Madagascar for business?! I mean really?!?!

Dear balcony garden....please don't die this year please don't die this year please don't die this year.

Dear Camp NaNoWrimo...I don't want to get to cocky but I'm totally owning you!!



  1. I have my fingers crossed for your balcony, feel a bit mean about the helping you with the lemurs though lol

  2. I read that as bologna garden... I think I need a nap.


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