A little post full of little things

Just a little post full of the little things that have made me happy recently.

  • When I said "I just want to put a little sugar" in reference to the coffee I was drinking at the airport today John leaned over and kissed me and said "there you go!"
  • My in-laws are here and among the awesome treats they brought me Dylans favourite brush.
  • Seeing how exciting John was about his parents coming.
  • Sunshine
  • Warm weather
  • I'm reading a really good book right now.
  • I got a flash stick full of videos on my godchildren in the mail.
  • I also got artwork, a letter, a homemade bracelet by my 5-year-old goddaughter of awesome and exclusive interviews by them about us (by the way, according to our 2-year-old godson of amazing John goes to Hawaii every day.)
  • I now official have business cards for this whole being a writer thing I'm trying.
  • I'm feeling purposeful.


Yaya said…
Hi! Found your blog through BBN, I'm an Expat myself (US to UK). You have a lovely blog, and look forward to reading more about your adventures!

Yaya @ dreamitdarling.blogspot.com
Jaim said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed the little piece of your godchildren. Next time, I am sending them both.
Unknown said…
These are all great little things!! :)
Anne Marie said…
I will glady escort them there!!
Anne Marie said…
I love the little things :)