I want you to meet someone: Two Martini Lunch

I have someone new I would like you to meet. My wonderful second class sponsor Kim from Two Martini Lunch.

Let me tell you about the awesomeness that is Kim. First she use to be a flight attendant for PanAm which if you know me and my love for my  PanAm bag you'll understand how awesome I would find that. Plus she actually knows how to fly a plane. Small ones but it's still pretty great. Mind you I'm fairly sure if I didn't think it was pretty great my pilot older brother would walk here and beat me up.

Right now she and her family (husband and two teenage boys) are on their own adventure in Thailand. How fantastic is that?! What is also fantastic is that she is honest about the fact it's not all going to be roses and adventures. Sometimes there are going to be down days and homesickness (sound familiar?) I really really like her post about The Dilemma of Reality it really spoke to my heart.

I highly recommend the following post

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Please take some time to stop by her blog. Say hi. Do some reading and have a martini or two!!