I want you to meet someone: Pioneer Artisanworks

Check out their shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PioneerArtisanworks

Let me introduce you to this months 1st class sponsor. Pioneer Artisanworks. I've mentioned them twice now but lets consider this your formal introduction. Say hello to Macy and Joe the awesome creative behind Pioneer Artisanworks.

Macy and I go way back. I've known her longer than I've known my husband and my best friend. We "met" years ago on a Christian teen message board. Yes, you read that correctly. I was not only a member, I was eventually a moderator and then an administrator. Then one day unannounced the message board disappeared. Thankfully some of the people I had really developed a solid friendship with didn't disappear. Macy was one of those people.

Pioneer Artisanworks was born out of an anniversary gift for Macy from Joe. My heart goes mushy when I think about the story. Mostly because I have a similar "we were young, married and had no money" story. Their story goes as follows, Joe was working as a welder at the time, and they had no money for anniversary gifts. So being the industrious guy he is he took scrap metal from the trash at work and welded them together into a black rose for Macy.

All together now....awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

They opened their Etsy shop in June 2011. Working out  their 1 bedroom apartment they got their first avalanche of order for Valentine's Day 2012. Eventually they had to get rid of their coffee table to make more room for supplies and worktables. Macy quit her part time job to run Pioneer full time while Joe still works as a commerical plumber. Their ultimate goal is to create beautiful things together for a living. I should mention they recently moved into a bigger space! With a garage! YAY! Macy no longer has to lean out a window when painting roses. 

"Tatiana, Macy and Joe sound awesome...but tell me more about the flowers!!!!"

Okay okay, they are made of steel and painted with rust proof paint, in the colour of your choice. The whole flower is 16 inches long and the bloom itself is about 3 inches across. What is even cooler is that each flower is handmade to order therefore no two flowers are alike. They craft each one by hand using simple tools and no machinery. Each flower they made is one of a kind.

You know what else is cool our Joe and Macy and their amazing creations? They don't limit it to Etsy. They are actually out in their community supporting things like Sit.Stay.Art and Walk on the Art Side

Enough reading, you want to see some of their stuff I'm sure. 

This is their proposal rose. Listing
Hooray for their rainbow roses. Listing
A single rose isn't enough? How about a dozen?
"Tatiana, do they make more than just roses?"
Yes, yes they do. 

They do wooden signs, custom wall art, custom orders and other metal flowers. Check out this Hibiscus.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Macy and Joe the awesomely creative mastermind being Pioneer Artisanworks. Be sure to check out their shop, plus you can find them on twitter and facebookStay tuned for more about them in the coming weeks...I have an interview up my sleeve.


Macy said…
Oh this is just great! Thank you! I am so glad we met in some random corner of the internet, because you have greatly improved my life, dear friend. :)

Anne Marie said…
This post just makes my heart swell in so many directions. I am so proud of you Mace Face <3

And I am SO glad for that random corner of the internet that brought us all together.

Tatiana said…
We're just a whole bunch of awesome.
Lauren said…
I meet Macy on Xanga (where I met you, I think) and I've eager followed this endevour. So proud of them, and proud of you for promoting them. What a marvelous story and a marvelous shoppe (I added the "e" there to be extra fancy) ~ L
Tatiana said…
The extra "e" totally makes it extra fancy.
Unknown said…
Lovely story! And fabulous work too!