Friday letters

Dear Zombie Snack...thanks for showing us where our elbows were via Skype yesterday. That's super important information and it was very thoughtful of you to share your 2-year-old knowledge with us.Oh by the way, you made your Uncle John laugh in a way I haven't heard in a while. Keep up the good work!

Dear Goddaughter of awesome...I found out this week you're "that kid" in kindergarten. As someone who is still thought of as "that kid" I am so crazy proud of you. I also found out you've mastered doing things out of spite.'ve made your Godmama crazy proud.

Dear Godson of're such a handsome little boy my knees go weak.

Dear took awesome care of me this week. I'm going to assume it was because whatever was trying to kill me you couldn't catch hence the stellar care I received. It was a delightful change from your usual stay 20 feet away at all times and just asking from a distance if I need anything.

Dear were here...and then you were gone...and then you were here and then gone. Was it something I said?

Dear what ever it was that was ailing me this week...I don't know what you were but I do know I never want to experience that again.

Dear London...I'm coming for you!! For the 4th time! Flights are booked. Look out!!!

Dear Travel writing course...thank you for making me brave.

Dear Travel photography course...thank you for being harder than I anticipated.

Dear laptop...please don't give up on me...I'm not giving up on you. John keeps threatening to replace you. You don't want that to happen now do you.

Dear boy I married...I love you but we're going to be spending 4 whole days together this weekend that will include our daylight savings. Here's hoping no one dies or gets seriously injured.



  1. HAHAHAHA- That is exactly how I feel about long weekends with my husband- we just can't do it without at least one fight! I don't know what it is about being in close quarters for extended periods of time! Have a great one though- enjoy that time together!

    1. It's so good to know we're not the only ones who suck at spending extended periods of time together.

  2. Very cute. Great typification of the husbandly tendency to only touch via a 10 foot pole when sickness abounds. I got my first cold sore in years and my husband won't let my face within 10 inches of any part of his body.... Glad mine isn't the only husband without a "paternal instinct".


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