Friday Letters

Dear index cards all over my office will be a story outline so help me jebus you will be!!

Dear 4th beer I had last will forever be known as the beer that made me realize I am now old when I got up in this morning. Hemmingway said write drunk and not hungover for a reason.

Dear husband...thank you for telling me you still think of my Oma. I needed that.

Dear deadline...I WILL NOT MISS YOU.

Dear send me the BEST STUFF!.The boxes of amazing you send me is really the most amazing part of being an expat I like. Oh and the adventure blah blah blah but the awesome love you send in the mail I get is perfect.

Dear spring...thanks for showing up! I appreciate it.

Dear've been gone a whole year today and it sucks.



  1. We had snow yesterday. Therefore, I am not thanking spring for showing up. Also, My Gram's birthday was this week (my equivalent of your Oma). It's been 3 years. I still miss her something fierce. I hope I can be like her one day. ~ L

  2. I am so glad you enjoy my love in the mail. I always hope that it will bring you a little joy from home :)

    I enjoy your love too... I get so excited when your packages arrive.

  3. great list :)

    enjoy your weekend!


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