Friday Letters

Dear had your turn. You need to stop with the snowy hissyfit and let spring happen.

Dear Spring...stop letting winter push you around.

Dear Irish Car Bomb cupcakes...forgive me for not making you again this year for St. Patrick's Day but the booze required to make you would set me back close to 50 francs. So yeah...maybe one day when we don't live in a place where the key ingredients don't cause me to consider taking out a loan I'll make you again.

Dear iTunes...thank you for confirming once again that you exist only to update and bog down my computer.

Dear husband...I should have known saying yes to you asking if you can put a like for music on my external hard drive would lead to silliness. Thanks for the file titled "loud noises".

Dear google reader is shutting down as of July 1st. Did you know you can follow me on Bloglovin'? Also they have a handy google reader import function. 

Dear travel photography midterm...I have an idea for you...I think. I'm not sure. Please become a little bit more clear before I have a complete and utter meltdown.

Dear Camp NaNoWriMo spring session...I'm so in for this!!

Dearest wonderful husband...I'm sorry you're going to have to live with NaNoWrimo related nuttiness twice this year. I truly and deeply apologize for that.

Dear bestie...I like our Tuesday lunch skype dates. Okay they're more you eat lunch and I drink some sort of alcoholic beverage but either way I love seeing your face.

Dear Inspector Dylan Tiger....we miss you a lot. We're glad you're loving the farm though. We still miss you a stupid amount. But we do have one question, we heard you stand up to the dog bugging you now. Awesome. But we have to know, are you still afraid of the hair dryer and when people knock on the door?



  1. I hope winter gives you relief soon!!! I know I am definitely in need of some sunshine :)

  2. Oh golly, I'll try sending some sunshine your way! Snow is no fun this time of year! Also- I would love more information on these carbomb cupcakes :D


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