Friday Letters

By the amazing Macy! Check out her Blog and the Etsy Shop she has with her husband

Dear've successfully completed 29 trips around the sun. Oh and regardless of what John says, your hip and back pain is not because you're old now. It's that writers hunch you've perfected over the last few months.

Dear John...your willingness to just sit and listen while I ugly cry at you is appreciated. More over, your willingness to tell me I'm pretty after I've finished ugly crying is also very appreciated.

Dear boots I bought in Italy...don't be jealous of the sparkly skull boots I just bought. You haven't been replaced. You both serve a very different purpose. I love you both the same but differently.

Dear New sparkly skull so purty.

Dear recent travel writing assignment...thank you for reaffirming to me that I still know how to put together a media kit and a sponsorship program. It's like I use to do it for a job or something.

Dear Godson of Amazing...your recent threat to your sister of "If you stand on my tiger book one more time, I'll tell you not to stand on my tiger book!" just slayed your godpapa and I.

Dear Goddaughter of Awesome...your mom sent me a video of you reading out loud. I was so amazingly proud of you it was ridiculous. Keep it up Monkey and show those hard word whose boss.

Dear Bestie...SHENANIGANS!!!

Dear packing for our weekend away....I'll get to sometime after either Judge Judy or Jeremy Kyle...I haven't decided yet.




  2. Happy Birthday T! It's scary being 29, least for me it feels scary being 29 but I know you'll rock the socks off it!


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