Fraggle turned Doozer

Warning: Super nerdy over extended and elaborate metaphor ahead.

According to Doozer lore (yes, I totally just said doozer lore) a fraggle is just a doozer that wouldn't do. No really, there was a whole fully illustrated childrens book about it. So it has to be true. It's doozer lore afterall. It was a cautionary tale for young doozers to prevent laziness. You wouldn't want to turn into a fraggle now would you? Okay I admit the thought of turning into a fraggle would be a basically awesome but I get that to a small society based on being productive this would be a nightmare. 

So where am I going with this weird little bit of Fraggle knowledge? Other than exposing how deeply rooted my Muppet love is? I'm a bit of a Fraggle at home. I do things only when I feel like it and even then I drag my ass about doing it. Cover your eyes Mom, it took me a month to iron a pile of about 6 shirts. In my defense they were John's looking professional while traveling shirts so really there was no real need to get it done right away. Oh and I hate ironing. This fraggly attitude of mine is fine for the most part. Things get done and really that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned. When it comes to work though, I'm organized as hell. For real. Organized to the point that it scares John. 

"But Tatiana, you're not working, you don't need to be crazy organized!"

Well no, I'm not working. Not a traditional go to an office kind of working. But I do consider myself as someone who works from home. I get to work in my slippers which is all kind of awesome and sure I'm not a paid a whole bunch (or at all) but when you spend your days writing and sending out pitch letters and then getting rejected (or sometimes accepted) you have to keep yourself organized. Mostly so you don't pitch the same story to the same publication and get rejected for a second time (haven't done this...but I do know people who have. But I'm told you only do it once!)

So how to I avoid being a Fraggle with my writing and blogging?

My submission log - Hooray for excel. I use it to track my submissions, my publications and writing contests I've entered. It is pretty awesome when I get to fill in the publication date cell. I even filled in contest information for the first time yesterday I was feeling brave so I entered a writing contest. I read this article ages ago but in typical fraggle fashion I put off doing it. Yeah it only too 5 minutes but I figured if I really needed it I would do it. Then within 24 hours two different places wanted work from me so I took that as a sign to do it NOW!.

Blog Planner - I mentioned it in my last Friday letters post. I've had a few blog planners for the last few years but none of them really worked out for me. They didn't have enough of one thing or to much of another. I've only been using it for two weeks now so I can't really tell you about the long term awesomness but in the short term it puts my random scribblings on easily lost bits of paper stuffed in my moleskin to shame. For those interested, this is the one I use. 

I don't work in my Jammies - yoga pants yes but rarely if ever my jammies. If I do work while wearing my jammies it's probably because I'm under the weather. I hear a lot of, "oh it must be so great you get to go to work in your pjs'." Yeah if I did that I would stay on the couch watching way to much Jeremy Kyle and Come Dine with me. - It's AWESOME. I know it might sound weird but the ambient coffee shop noise keeps me oddly accountable. Yeah I'm only take up a table in my own house but somewhere in the back of my over active imagination I feel like I need to get as much as possible done as quickly as possible so I give the table up for someone else. My brain works oddly sometimes. I know. Challenge Accepted! - A friend of mine posted this on her facebook wall last week and honestly it rocks. It makes your to do list super fun. It's a web based productivity app that combines getting things done with the great fun that is RPGs. You get to complete quests when you do the laundry and unload the dishwasher. YAY! I like it. Also I get to be a cool character. I'm a bard (shocking) named Lady Tatiana Flash n' Scribble. I'm on tier Off-Key Warbler. Making a game out of annoying chores...very fraggle. 

A husband who is crazy proud of me - Yeah. That helps. Big time.

Sometimes I just embrace my fraggleness - I can't help it. I'm a Fraggle at heart. Sometimes I just need to hang out in my jammies and watch cartoons or surf facebook or pin things I'm never going to make on my pinterest boards. I can't be a doozer all the time. Sometimes I need to hang out down in Fraggle Rock.


Macy said…
This is an awesome post! Love all the organization going on, girl!
Mariana said…
What helpful links! Love it! Would be really nice to be able to right click and have them open in a new tab or for them to open in a new tab on their own when I click on them. :)
Tatiana said…
Hi Mariana,

The links now open in a new tab when you click on them. Normally I set all my links to do that but something went hinky and it didn't happen. I blame internet gremlins.
Anne Marie said…
Can I come to Fraggle rock?
Tatiana said…
Yes, yes you can.