Friday letters

Dear Brain...yeah I know learning Lightroom and Gimp at the same time is not the best idea I've had but just hang in there please. I promise I will reward you with trashy TV shows on Netflix later.

Dear nice weather...where did you go?

Dear Scratch map...stop falling off the wall. The first time it was annoying now it's just stupid.

Dear the Month of April....between the husbands travel at the end of March and mid April and the series of visitors we're going to have I'm terrified of you. Be nice please.

Dear old ladies who were commenting it was too cold for me to be wearing a skirt...yes my headphones were in my ears...BUT you were talking loud enough I could hear you over my music. By the way, 2 degrees is not cold.

Dear nice lady at the SBB ticket counter...THANK YOU for putting us in the quiet car on a Friday from Basel to Frankfurt. You're the best!

Dear Bestie...I think you will agree that it should be July now.

Dear Goddaughter of awesome...This morning I woke up to an imessage picture of you holding up the Brave shirt I bought you. You looked beyond thrilled...totally made my morning.



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