Friday letters


Dear husband....yes, you're sick. I know. Trust me. I'm fully aware of your man cold and your congestion. But know this, the fact that I haven't stabbed you yet is a minor miracle. 

Dear niece...while your little barking thing seems to embarrass the crap out of your mom, we think it's hilarious! 

Dear Swiss're so weird. So very very weird. This whole winter in the morning and spring in the afternoon is really weird and totally confusing this Canadian. Either be winter or be spring. You can't have both.

Dear boots I bought in're pretty. I like you.

Dear half unpacked luggage...yeah it's been almost a week since we got home. I'll get to you. Eventually.

Dear travel photography course assignment...a sunrise picture huh? You know that happens early in the morning right? Like before I generally like being awake. 

Dear giant bag of spinach in the fridge...Please don't go off before I can finish you! I'm slowly but surely running out of things to make with spinach. I've put you in smoothies, sandwiches, soup and you'll probably end up in some fresh pasta too. 

Dear're a legit writer now. Stop acting like you're not.

Dear should read this it's kind of awesome and I haven't had a chance to mention it here until now.


  1. The number one thing I learned in that piece was that you're on twitter lol. The rest just reinforced your awesomeness.

    This is for John and his man cold:

  2. Dear Tatiana, what is with the JavaScript limiting my ability to right click on your page? I like to open links in new tabs, and the JavaScript makes it harder.

    1. Hi there,

      All my links are set to open in a new tab without needing to right click and open in new tab. You can just left click and you're away. I limit the ability to right click due to some content theft issues I've had.

  3. Stopping by from Friday letters!

    I had the same problem with spinach. We ended up putting some on home-made pizza.

    I'm English but living in Germany. The weather has been crazy here recently! I don't think it knows WHAT season it is!

  4. oooo boots from italy?? a little jealous ;) stopping by from the linkup!


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