7. Take a last minute trip

The husband and I like to travel. However, due to his work travel schedule its hard for us to really plan much unless we plan way in advance. We have a trip to London planned for the end of April but we booked that in late 2012. Last years trip to London for my birthday was planned a month in advance, admittedly I didn't know about it until about 2 weeks before we went. John asked recently about the "rules" of the 30 before 30 list. Things like, "how last minute is last minute?" and "Does it have to be your idea or can it be both of our ideas?" He's never been a known rules follower so this was an indicator he was up to something.

We'd discussed the possibility of going to Rome for the weekend a few times. We've also discussed, Vienna, Frankfurt, Paris, Gstaad and Verona. Not an uncommon thing for us. It's one of the awesome bonuses you get when you live in Switzerland, you're in the middle of every where.

A few weeks ago we had the following exchange
"How about Rome next week?"
"I'll book the tickets now."

Yup. He booked them with a weeks notice. And then he decided I couldn't buy a Rome travel guide to bring along. We have a Lonely Planet's Guide to Italy but it was a bit too big to bring along. He kept reminding me that a guide would come with our Roma pass. Yes...there was a guide...which was less a guide and more a list of places your Roma pass would get you in. Fine, manned with John's smartphone and a tripadvisor offline city guide on my ipod (totally recommend it!) I figured we would be okay.

And we were. For the most part. The first few hours stressed me out a little because John said, "What do you want to do now?" and I just kind of stared at him. I had no idea. I was to overwhelmed. So we did what most sensible people do, we found a place to eat and mulled over the possibilities while consuming pasta and local beer. We celebrated checking two things off my life, seeing a wonder of the world (the Coliseum) and our last minute trip.

Would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend that people travel by the seat of their pants? YES! But make sure you're armed with a travel guide.


Yael said…
so fun! rome is such a beautiful city - i visited when i was in high school, for a band trip. the coliseum was amazing to see, and i loved how you could walk past ancient ruins and then five minutes later be in the middle of a city street.

hope you're having a great weekend!