50 things I've learned from travel

Fun fact #1: This is my 300th post as the Dubious Hausfrau. How AWESOME is that!?
Fun fact #2: As of this morning I had 33,333 lifetime page views. Algebraic!

A few weeks ago I saw this article. I immediately emailed it to my bestie and the husband. I also found this article which was also very awesome. Both generated an interesting discussion about what we've all learned from travel. Keep in mind my husband makes my bestie and I look housebound "Mr. Traveled enough to cover the circumference of the world twice in 2012". My husband couldn't believe there were people who don't try the local beer and my best friend and I felt knowing when you're calling someone pregnant in a foreign language was probably a good life skill.

I've been reflecting on my one word 365 word as well. We're 6 weeks into the new year and I think it's a nice time to talk about what I've learned from traveling. Just yesterday on skype with my best friend I said, "I liked Milan, John didn't. He preferred Florence. We both liked Rome but he wasn't with me in Venice." Yeah...we've become "those" people. Fun fact #3: John helped with this blog post. Most excellent.

1. While your husband is away on an 10 day trip to far flung places do not under any circumstances watch 1 and a half seasons of Criminals minds in one sitting.
2. If the line for airport security is long get everything ready to put in bins and on the conveyor belt the second its your turn. This prevents you from being "that" person in the security line.
3. Speaking of airport security, be nice. They're just doing their job and they stand between you and getting to your gate on time.
4. Postcards are the best souvenirs.
5. Write about your journey, even if you're the only person who ever reads it.
6. Winnipeggers get every where.
7. Don't hesitate to say 'No' if you are uncomfortable when dealing with someone.
8. People are people everywhere, the good, the bad and the dishonest.
9. Also, most people are good people.
10. Complaining about the length of your journey or jetlag makes your friends think you're ungrateful and annoying. Remember, you're doing something they've always dreamed of doing. 
11. There's no such thing as packing too much sunblock.
12. Pack everything thing you THINK you'll need and then unpack and repack with only the things you KNOW you'll need.
13. Eat the local food.
14. Ask your waiter what he recommends or what he likes to eat from the menu. 
15. Just because something seems cheesy and has tourist trap written all over it doesn't mean it isn't fun.
16. Always pack granola bars.
17. "please" and "thank you" are the magic words no matter where you are in the world.
18. Don't plan every second of your trip. 
19. Don't feel like a jerk if all you talk about is the trips you've gone on. Remember, they asked and you're just answering.
20. You might have only spent 1 Euro on that gift but they fact you thought of someone while on your adventure is priceless.
21. Stop and listen for a while, you never know what you're going to hear.
22. The epic human drama that is outdoor chess is worth seeing at least once.
23. It's okay if people you love think this is a phase. That's their issue, not yours.
24. If your train journey is going to be longer than 2 hours...go first class. 
25. The only people who think 8 hours on a train would be fine are people who haven't done it.
26. Buy a luggage scale.
27. It's okay to romanticize a place, but it's not okay to let it dictate how you experience a place.
28. Don't write off an entire country because of one bad encounter.
29. Be willing to take a picture for people when they ask.
30. Always assume you're not allowed to take pictures.
31. If your significant other gets left behind while you're traveling, bring something home for them.
32. Take the road less traveled by.
33. Print some of your travel pictures. Hard drives fail and facebook won't be around forever. 
34. Breaking in a new pair of shoes in Vegas is probably the worst idea in the world.
35. It doesn't matter if you're traveling 2 km's or 2000 km's travel is travel.
36. Hand sanitizer...carry it. Use it.
37. Buy a bottle of the local booze to bring home.
38. Take what other people say about places to go with a grain of salt. One persons lame experience is another person amazing experience.
39. Keep your promises, if you tell someone you've met you'll email them a picture, DO IT!
40. People who say their "travelers not tourists" are really just tourists with a high opinion of themselves.
41. Carry more than one currency.
42. You can't control everything when you travel so don't bother trying.
43. Deutsche Bahn employees are probably the most amazing people in the world.
45. When you're standing on a mountain staring at the Matterhorn, call your parents because maybe they want to hear about the awesomeness as its happening.
46. Douglas Adams was right, a towel is a massively useful thing. Never leave home without it.
47. You don't need to take a picture of everything. Take time to see with your eyes and not just your view finder.
48. Accept help.
49. Most places are a lot safer than you think.
50. It's okay if you don't unpack right away.


Jaim said…
I feel that I am going to follow suit and make my own list :)

Together we can have 100 things we've learned :)
Tatiana said…

Although I'm sure Mr. I've been to countries people have never heard of *coughJohncough* could probably out do us both.
Traveling is awesome! Great list. Thanks!!
Anne Marie said…
I really like the list! #41 made me think of you and your wallet filled with currencies! I love ya <3
bevchen said…
Congratulations on your 300th post!

"Speaking of airport security, be nice. They're just doing their job and they stand between you and getting to your gate on time." <- YES, this!! In 99% of cases, if you smile and say hello they'll be friendly right back (the other 1% are just douchebags and there's no need for you to stopp to their level!). The same applies to ticket collectors on trains - especially if the train is late. It is not the ticket collectors fault, and they get enough abuse from the other passangers. A friendly face could make their day.