Whatcha doin?

I graduated from University in 2006. I took my last midterm in the fall of 2005 (I finished a semester early). I'm currently eyeball deep in my first midterm in about 7 years.

Cue freak out.

I am at the half point of my travel writing and getting this far in a self directed online course is kind of big deal. John joked after I finished chapter 2 I had officially lasted longer in an online course of this nature longer than he ever had.


What am I writing about? Hockey. Yeah. I know. Here's the thing, while the NHL was having their little tiff Switzerlands hockey was alive and well. Also I would hazard to say that Swiss hockey fans make Canadian hockey fans look luke warm towards their beloved game. Interestingly enough the Swiss don't know the game like the Canadians do. We also had the chance to sit in the visiting team section which was a trip.

Oh yeah they segregate their hockey fans just like their soccer fans.

Let's just say at this point I know more about Swiss hockey then I ever thought I would. Oh the things you do during midterms.


Jaim said…
I will venture to say that the only hockey I ever watch is the finals... and that's only sometimes.

I am a bad Canadian.
Tatiana said…
I'm surprised they haven't revoked your passport.