Tuesday 10

This weeks theme is professions I wish I had.
I'm going to turn it on it's head a little and tell you
10 jobs I've had.

1. Dream Maker
I worked at a provincially based wish granting organization.
None of the ones you are currently thinking of. I was their
volunteer coordinator and assistant fundraiser.
I helped make dreams come true for children with life-threatening illnesses.
That was actually the job I left when I started this blog.

2. Birthday party fairy.
I'm very popular with the 4 to 8 year old suburban set.
I did this for as long as we lived in Winnipeg.
Most Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the fall
winter and spring I could be found dressed as a fairy
named Twilight in a suburban living room.
This job did wonders for my self esteem!

3.  Air Museum Employee
I spent a summer working at an Air Museum
that specialized in the British Air Training Plan
during world war 2. I spent a lot of time explaining WW2
flight training and hearing stories from veterans who were volunteers.

4. "Professional Photographer"
I worked at the SprawlMart portrait studio.
My name tag said professional photographer.
It should have said, master of the up sale and
convincing parents they needed an 20x20 canvas of their child.
Oh and explaining the package photo was the first photo and
all the "nice" pictures were for the up sell and extras.

5. Santa Photographer
I interviewed for this job the day my paternal grandfather pass away.
I worked the holiday season at the mall. Barf.
An amazing amount of kids are afraid of Santa
and an amazing amount of parents don't care.

6. Early Childhood Assistant
I worked at the day care across the street from
my high school as an after school job until days before
I left for University. To this day it's one of my favourite jobs.

7. Staff writer
I wrote articles (3 to be exact) for a now defunct online magazine.
It folded about 3 months after it opened. I actually had to wait for a
while to be paid. I was paid about 30 bucks total. Regardless it was awesome.

8. Construction company receptionist
I worked on a construction site in a trailer
for 10 hours a day 4 days a week.
I baked cookies and taught them how to use the photocopier.

9. Babysitter
I hated babysitting. I really did.
I'm fairly sure it's why I never really did much of it.
Spending a summer babysitting an entitled child
affectionally known as "Maggoty" cured me of ever want to
babysit ever again. I'll watch my godchildren and niece
but that's about it.

10. Computer instructor
I use to teach the elderly and people on assisted living
how to use computers. The questions ranged from
"How do I get the email?" to "could you recommend a linux based operating system?"

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  1. I know my kids hate Santa... ergo, I don't take them for pictures.

    My MIL did once though... still my fav Santa photo, lol.

    1. To this day that picture is still my favourite picture of your kid!

  2. You forgot ultimate llama-master camp counselor! If not for that job, our awesome would not have collided. :)

    1. We were pretty awesome! I remember kids being excited when they had us as conselors. It must be what the cool kids feel like.

  3. And Mini-U photographer... If not for that job, our awesomeness would not have collided either (nor yours and John's)

  4. Maggoty ... LOL! You've had some interesting jobs!

  5. You sure have had some interesting jobs!

  6. I actually remember you having most of these jobs, surprisingly enough.


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