Tuesday 10

Welcome to the first Tuesday 10 of 2013. 
This week: My life in 10 Photos.

My first birthday...with my Opa, cousin and, brother
those two get in all the pictures! Youngest child problems.

Age 4. Obviously I had a future in roller derby.

Age 6. We had moved to Edmonton. 
I'm rocking the graduated bowl cut!

Keep in mind that I grew up in a period PRE digital camera.
Yeah I'm older than the cybershot!
So we're going to jump straight from Elementary to high school.
Totally glossing over jr. high...which is fine with me.

Playing rugby in high school. This is grade 12.
 Or as I like to think of it, where Jambuster was born.
Also the birth of my chronic crappy knees.

Grade 12 grad with my then boyfriend.
I obscured his face for his own privacy not because I'm a jerk.
Well...I am a jerk...but not about this. Anymore.
Yes his bow tie and pocket square matched my dress.
My Oma made them out of left over material from my dress.

August 2003. I was 19.
First trip toEurope with my dad with my dad.
This was a month after I started dating John.

University Graduation in 2006.
BA in English lit and History
That's my dad in his PhD robes.
A popular question that year was, "So do you plan
on being a teacher with your English degree?"

Our wedding day, July 15, 2006.
Yeah can't even be a grown up at my own wedding.

April 30th, 2011. Jambuster under the watchful eye of Sourpuss
about the smash Charlies Lady. Two months later exactly
we found out we were moving to Switzerland.

August 1 2011. Our first day in Switzerland.

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  1. ... also the year you started dating me :)

  2. Great photos! I was an English major, too, and my grandmother is STILL asking why I'm not a teacher! lol


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