Spend some time with John and Tatiana

Playing Dig Dug....in a museum...we're old now

John: Are you up for Rome next week?
Tatiana: Next week?! Sure!
John: Ok, I will book the flight now, then.
Tatiana: I love the fact that you're not kidding.

John: Mom said she would skype with us about 1 her time.
Tatiana: That's like 8 o'clock here.
John: how is it that you can't do basic math but you can figure out time zones in seconds?
Tatiana: Just lucky I guess.

John: I think Jamie is trying to skype me by accident.
Tatiana: No...that's me. I was going to ask you to bring me a gin and soda.
John: Seriously?
Tatiana: I guess I'll just yell from up here instead, will you bring me a gin and soda?

Tatiana: Tickets for the Vatican Museum are booked. Here's hoping you don't burst into flames!
John: Here's hoping they don't drown you!

(click here for context regarding the drowning comment)

John: I got the cheese you asked for.
Tatiana: Awesome. Oh if you mess up my floor when you come home I'll kill you.
John: cheese and death threats...got it!

Tatiana: Sluggernaut reminded me today that I don't live far away. The moon is far away, Switzerland is not.
John: She's not wrong.

Tatiana: What should I pack for Rome?
John: your ray bans, a sun dress, pearls and flats. 
Tatiana: You put a lot of thought into that.
John: No....I just know how your brain works.

Tatiana: You know I could turn some of the lentil taco mixture into taco salad.
John: Doesn't that kind of defeat the point of the healthy lentil taco stuff if you dump an entire bottle of catalina dressing, cheddar cheese and taco chips in with it. 
Tatiana: I could make a healthy taco salad.
John: Yeah...but what's the point?

Tatiana: We could pick up a rosary for zombie snack while in rome.
John: Yeah...we could...ooooor we could get her a gladiator.
Tatiana: With or without a chariot?
John: I don't think Beryth has room for a chariot.


me said…
Totally jealous right now!!! :) Oh, to be able to book tickets to Rome on a whim - total awesomeness!
farfromhomemama said…
This has to be one of my favourite posts ever! You have similar conversations to Paul and I. Little makes sense except to us. And for Rome? Definitely pearls and flats. John's so very wise.