Project 365: Week 1

For Christmas the husband got me a really whizbang camera. First camera I've owned that was not used or a boxing day discount. Admittedly he's also stated I'm never getting any other gift ever again so I better get my money's worth out of this camera. A few very synergistic things happened when I received my new camera.

Yeah...I totally used a $50 word when a $5 dollar word would have been fine.

First thing that happened is that I decided to choose the word Learn as my focus for 2013 as oppose to having a traditional resolution. So yay new camera equals lots of learning. I've been doing a lot of "hmmmmm what does THIS function do?" Then the place where I'm taking my travel writing course, Matador U, was having an end of 2012 sale. $50 off any course. I mentioned this to John, he said, sign up. It's worth the investment. So I registered for a travel photography course.Then a bunch of lovely ladies from an online community I'm a member of started a photo a day project. Not wanting to be left out I joined in.

Tangent moment: If you've known me for a while you'll know I tried this a few years ago. The year my maternal grandfather died to be exact. I would learn that year that it wasn't a good time to start new projects. That year was full of HUGE life changes and I needed to focus on those rather than taking a picture a day so in about march I shut down that particular blog. So this isn't my first go at this.

So here we are. Lots of learning. Lots of new things. And lots of photos to come. 1 week down only 51 more to go!

Day 1 - Sunset
Day 2 - Getting stuff done
Day 3 - Wicked Snowglobe (fun fact: this photo made it on the new faces section of the website)
Day 4 - A walk to the grocery store
Day 5 - Watching people, people watch.
Day 6 - Wearing my favourite apron
Day 7 - Not for a trip but a writing assignment


  1. I love all these photos so much! Lucky you for getting a new camera. Can't wait to see me. Happy Monday!

  2. I love the "people watching" picture! Experimenting with a new camera is exciting. Lucky you!


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