One word

I fail at resolutions. I really really do. I've tried and tried and tried. And needless to say, resolutions are not my thing. They're more a thing I'm totally enthralled with about about 3 weeks....a month if I'm really into it and then I give and figure, "Well...that's good enough...I only fail if you don't try." And off I would go leaving my good intentions of actually sticking to a resolution behind.

I am to understand this doesn't make me special in any way. And I'm fairly certain this is how MOST people treat their well thought out resolutions. It's actually the reason I hated going to the gym in January (fun fact: I use to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a really...stop laughing.) It was generally full of people with a health based resolution. But come end of January or the beginning of February the gym would be a ghost town again.

I was surfing twitter the other day when I noticed a few bloggers that I following were using the hashtag oneword365. Being a curious person with not a lot going on at the moment I clicked and fell down the twitter hashtag rabbit hole. When I came out the other side I found myself on

Here's the concept. Rather than a to-do list you'll abandon choose one word. That's it. One word that will sum up who you want to be and how you want to live. One word that will be your focus for the rest of the year. One word to take in consideration as you muttle your way through 2013. One word that will point you in the direction of living with intention and commitment. One word that is NOT your standard of living or a high expectation you have to meet but a compass to guide you through whatever 2013 chucks at you.

My word is Learn.

It's very practical in some ways, I've signed up for another MatadorU course (travel photography), I'm still working on my existing travel writing course. I bought a guitar with the Christmas money from my grandmother. I'm also hoping to teach myself some coding and html so I can makeover my little corner of the interweb. So there is lots of practical book learning in my 2013. There's also some abstract non book learning heading my way 2013 as well where I'm hoping to learn more about me and what I'm capable of.  I'm really hoping my 30 before 30 project (coming March 2013...stay tuned) will help a great deal with this personal growth aspect of learning.

I use to have a boss who would chalk everything up to being a learning experience. Nothing was a mistake but an opportunity to learn. At the time this use to drive me batty! Seriously batty. But in hindsight maybe she was on to something. Every moment is a learning experience even the scratchy moments.

So here's to a new year and one word!


  1. Love it! If you think about it, one word really does some it up!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about that travel photography class as well as how the guitar goes for you (I've been eyeing acoustic guitars myself). :)

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. That's a cool concept! One word to replace many resolutions... your pick is a good one too, can't go wrong with learning and the expat life is a great time for that!

  3. Very cool concept! I like it. I think your pick is excellent as well. I don't know what mine would be... Maybe Love or Accept. Or Believe. I feel like I've done my share of learning during 2012 and want a different kind of year for 2013!

    All the best to you for the new year!



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