Friday letters

Source: Pinterest

Dear Youtube...thank you for having old clips and videos of my roller derby family. There are people I've needed to see and hear and it made the homesickness go away.

Dear roller derby family....I miss you.

Dear Midterm....I will submit you today. And then I will cry a little and then I will drink a glass of wine. Thanks for forcing me out of my comfort zone though. Who knew I could write 1200 words about hockey.

Dear husband...I like you. I also like when you come home from work with ideas for adventures.

Dear All 11 seasons of MASH...I'm going to watch the hell out of you!!!

Dear person who isn't the husband but enthusiastically offered to edit my rock. Like a lot. Normally I wouldn't inflict my rough drafts on anyone but the husband. Thanks for accepting the challenge.

Dear Bestie...drinking and laughing and nattering with you over skype this week was fabulous. Sure we email daily (I think we exchanged over 100 emails on Monday alone) but I miss your face! We simply must do this more often. I'll bring the gin you bring the cold fried chicken.

Dear Travel photography course....oh the things I'm learning. Although I didn't appreciate you springing that math equation on me and blowing my whole "I don't need math in real life" belief out of the water. That was mean. Sure it was useful but a little warning would have been nice.