Friday letters

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Dear In-laws...Thank you for the new game Johnathan and I now play. Its called, "Guess who watched Bridezillas or Super Couponers or Addicted or Hoarding or Jersey Shore on Netflix." We think we're getting pretty good at it. In case you were wondering, war movies and westerns are considered the free space because those are fairly obvious.

Dear Sluggernaut.....thank you for reminding me I don't live far away. You're right the moon is far away, Switzerland is not.

Dear Husband...thanks for letting me cry at you about the most random things.

Dear Bestie...187 days!!!!!!

Dear Travel guides sitting on my desk...Stop being all, "look at me! I have fun ideas and pretty pictures and will make you want to see all the things. Sure you can't book anything because of your husbands unpredictable travel schedule but that's okay!" Jerks!

Dear Dance Mix 94...thanks for making me feel nostalgic and old all at the same time.

Dear film SLR...why must you and all your accompanying lenses be so heavy?! Did you know that your body and all your lenses weigh like 8 pounds?! I want to use you more and travel with you more but heaviness makes me leave you at home. It makes my heart sad. I am also fairly sure there are still pictures from our trip to Washington on the film you have inside you right now.

Dear know you're a 31-year-old man and it's a little weird that you know all the words to "I'm Sexy and I know it" right?


  1. "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!"

    WOOT! 187 days!!!!!!!

  2. I love I'm Sexy And I Know It and I'm 36!

    New blog-look is fantastic. You've been busy over the holidays :-)


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