Tuesday 10

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Dear Santa,

I've always been of the opinion you're never too old to write a letter to you Santa. I have 10 things on my list this year. I know that sounds like a lot but really it's not.

1. Safe travels. So far the list of potential countries John could find himself in this coming year are, The Philippines, Vietnam and, Indonesia. Safe travel would be a fabulous gift this year.

2. A pair of Fluevogs. What? I may be an adult but I've wanted a pair for basically forever Santa and I tell myself every time I don't get a pair for Christmas that you simply could not find a pair in my size. So just as a little reminder, 8 - 8.5. There is no harm in asking right?

3. More adventures. John and I have done some pretty awesome stuff this year and I would really really like to have many more this coming year.

4. Focus. Don't I ask for this every year? I have a project to finish, a course to finish, another project to start. Bleh. Focus would be awesome. Santa I was so focused during NaNo this year so if you could bring me some of whatever that was would be awesome.

5. The honeymoon I never really had. Here's the thing, most people think I got a honeymoon. I didn't. Not in the traditional sense of the word. We took off for a few days to get our barrings and come down off the biggest blur of our lives. Then we moved me out of my parents place and then we both went back to work. Yeah...we didn't get a honeymoon. We couldn't really afford one either to be quite honest. Maybe this was the universes way of saying, "you're not really going to celebrate your Anniversary either because life will happen" but it kind of sucks to be honest.

6. For the little ones in our life to stop growing up. This works to your advantage Mr. Clause. The longer they stay young, the longer they believe in you and the longer I get to deny they're growing up.

7. Coping skills. We have a lot of people descending on Switzerland to see us this year. Which is awesome but at the same time it's been just us for so long as have trouble letting people we love back into our life and routine. So coping skills are of the utmost importance for BOTH of us.

8. To miss my Oma in a way that doesn't hurt so bad any more. I'm okay with missing her. Really I am. I just want it to be in the way that doesn't make me cry anymore.

9. Patience. Frustration comes with the territory when you're an expat. I could use some patience with, including but not limited to, Swiss German, with John when he's jetlagged, the slow walkers, the people who take up two seats on the bus, train and tram when they only need one, the wet cold and people assuming being Canadian means I speak french.

10. Please refer to item number 2. What? You have managed to miss that item a few Christmases in a row so I thought I would repeat myself...just in case.

World peace, ending world hunger, curing cancer all those things are important too. So if you want to go ahead and work on those first before you get to my list I'll wait. I'm sure I can start doing some of this stuff myself. I mean really, how hard is it to buy a pair of fluevogs?

Oh and I've been good, I swear. Everything Johnathan will tell you about me is to be taken with a grain of salt.

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  1. What a wonderful "grown up Christmas Wish List" - I especially get your #8. I want to feel that way about my dad, too.

    Hope Santa hears your wishes! :)

  2. I adored this grown up Christmas list. Especially no 7. though, when I come, I may not leave ;)

  3. We've just said goodbye to the last of our visitors for this year. While it's wonderful to see them, I completely understand your request for coping skills. I like my routine, I like my space and I don't like to be talked at until I've had a cup of tea and a piece of toast in the morning. Being able to see people for a few hours here and there rather than having them stay over is one of the things that I'm really looking forward to when we move back to the UK.

  4. I just read this post from the Pioneer Woman today and thought it might bring comfort to you and Jill.



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