Tuesday 10

This weeks we're talkin' Christmas songs!! I love Christmas carols!! I married someone who tolerates Christmas music. Which, by the way, is progress from when I first met Johnathan. When I met him he hated Christmas music so I'll accept his low grade tolerance of it at this point.

1. Sending you a little Christmas - I discovered this song last year and it made me do the ugly cry. Like epic ugly cry. I'm a sucker for "I'll be home for Christmas" but this one just did me in. It was perfect for how we were both feeling last Christmas.
2. You're a mean one Mr. Grinch - I'm a complete nerd when it comes to words and some of the word combinations in this song just kills me. "Your soul is an appalling dung heap." Also, it makes me think of Johnathan. 
3. Elf's Lament - Santa's elves are under represented in the realm of Christmas songs I feel. This one just makes me giggle.
4. Mary's Boy Child - I don't know about anyone else but Boney M (and Neil Diamond) was very much the soundtrack of my childhood Christmas. To this day I love that album. 
5. Last Christmas - Who DOESN'T love that song? Oh and it's version by Wham or nothing!
6. Kling glöckchen klingelingeling - It's a traditional German carol. Translated the title means ring little bell, ring ring ring. It's about going around to peoples homes and asking to come in because it's cold outside. No really. It's also about having a warm heart and enjoying the blessings of the Christmas season. And there may or may not be a running joke in our family when someone mentions this song without fail someone else will say, "kling whatchen?"
7.  Fairy Tale of New York - My favourite line of this entire song is "I took your dreams and I put them with my own." The history of this song is actually really really interesting. And I feel compelled to tell you I knew about this song before it appeared in PS I love you. Oh and I also should tell you NSFW. I warned you.
8. Joy to the World - I've always liked this song. But I have a very special place in my heart for this version.
9. Baby it's Cold Outside - John and I have had long discussions about this song. Why? Listen to it, it sounds a little predatory. And the line "say what's in this drink" kind of gives me a "no" feeling. I'm kind of partial to the version by Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton (mind you as far as I'm concerned Dolly Parton could sing the phone book and it would be awesome.) However, there is something WONDERFUL about the version Glee did.
10. I'll be Home for Christmas - I can't THINK about this song without getting emotional. Home is wherever John and I are. We know that. But I think there is still part of both of us that misses Christmases with our families. The chaotic Christmas morning with John's family. Or the food coma causing Christmas eve with my family.

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  1. Great post! Love Mary's Boy by Boney M.
    And Zooey Deschanel's voice is just devine!
    Love your blog!

    She xx
    She may be the Song that Summer Sings

  2. What a fun list! There are some there that I have to admit I've never heard before.

  3. Great post! My favorite has to be Baby, It's Cold Outside. The Elf duet is SO good!

  4. Currently listening, thanks!

    ...but I'm surprised - No songs from the classic Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas Album Once Upon a Christmas?! (I believe in Santa Claus? With bells on? A Christmas to Remember?) It's been on nearly constant repeat for all my train travel lately in suisse romande :)

  5. Ah! Great list!
    Thanks for linking up!


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