Sparkle Sparkle

This was the scene in the dubious households living room last night. That is after I gasped so loud John thought either I was hurt or someone else was. No one was hurt just shocked. The winners for Switzerland in the 2012 Expat Blog Awards were announced. Have you noticed the new bling in the sidebar?

Yes. I am the gold medalist for Switzerland! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

I just want to take a moment and say THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you to the people who left some of the nicest words I've ever read about my little corner of the internet. I am so humbled and so touched. Really.

I also want to mention you should have a peek at the lovely bloggers that also won yesterday.

Go read their blogs. They're living a similar story and blogging every moment of it.


farfromhomemama said…
Thank you for the shout-out and many congratulations on your well-deserved win. I'm adding your wondeful blog to my blog roll x
Tatiana said…
Oh you're very welcome!! I'm adding you to my blogroll as well!
Anne Marie said…
I am so proud of you <3 very well deserved (obviously)!

Je t'aime ma belle!
Laura said…
Congratulations from Panamá! I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Happy holidays,
BG said…
Congratulations. Well deserved. Have been enjoying and following your blog.

And thanks for the promo for mine ...........I am thrilled as well as I have only been blogging for a month now!

Anonymous said…