Going for Gold

I started blogging 10 years ago. Well 10 years ago I posted one thing in a blog that is not public on a blogging site that I only stopped using a few years ago. I left that post for close to 6 months to a year. Then I posted again. And again. And then again. I had some readers. Most of them were from an online community that I had been part of since I was 16. Later I got some readers from a wedding message board that is now defunct which I had been a member of since the husband and I got engaged. It was a way I stayed connected with family, friends and just posted because well, it was the electronic equal to liking hearing yourself talk. I'm a youngest child, I like to hear myself talk.

The Dubious Hausfrau was created out of a need to reconnect with myself. It was created after I burnt myself out working in a particularly hard to deal part of the non-profit sector. I had spent 4 years dealing with first children who had died and then moved on to children with life-threatening illness who could (and some did) die. My heart couldn't handle it any more. This blog became my way to reach out again and reignite part of myself that had been lost. It slowly evolved into what it is now. An expat blog. When I started it we were still living in Canada then in a life course altering email it became a soon to be expat blog and now it's a blog about two Canadian trying to figure out how to say, "What time does the train leave?" in Swiss German.

I've never blogged for recognition.  I've blogged for connection mostly with those who were left behind when we up and left almost a year and a half ago. I've blogged to say "we're okay!" and "this is great" and "ohemmgee this is hard!!" But never for someone to give me a gold star on my sticker chart. Then the Expat Blog Awards 2012 nomination appeared in my inbox.

First thing I did? A happy dance. It looked a little like this.

Then I emailed John. Then I mentioned it on my blogs facebook page. Then I went to bed because it was like 1am and I had just put in about 3000 words worth of my NaNoWriMo novel and my mom and I were planning a day of shopping so I needed all the sleep I could get!

One of the aspects of this award nomination that has just floored me is the reader reviews. Now, I should state putting my writing out there for feedback isn't a big deal for me. I wrote for my University paper where I got hate mail weekly. I kid you not. I got hate mail. Lots of it. I still have a file full of it in storage. I've submitted my writing for admission into writing schools and workshops. Putting myself "out there" to be judged on writing isn't a new concept to me. It's still scary as hell though! 

John teased m the next day about the fact that the only person who had reviewed my blog so far was my mom and I was probably sitting next to her when she wrote it. For the record, I was in the same room, not next to her. Then more reviews showed up. Then some more trickled in. Some from people I know and love and some from people I didn't even know read my blog and some from people who I don't even know. The words were incredibly affirming that I wasn't just "hearing myself talk" any more. People actually liked my blog! They actually read my words and appreciated the journey the husband and I are on.

*cue you like me you really like me impression*

And now, the sales pitch! I find out this coming week if I've won gold, silver or bronze. Being a classic overachiever I'm going for the gold. Would you expect anything less? Reader reviews are not the sole thing they're judging on but it is a big part of the judging. So if you're still interesting in helping go for the gold but haven't left a review here http://www.expatsblog.com/blogs/1197/the-dubious-hausfrau yet. There is still time. The deadline for "fan counts" is 10:00 GMT on December 5, with the awards announced within the following 12 hours (barring technical problems).

On a final note, to those who HAVE reviewed my blog. I don't think I can find the right way to say thank you. A simple thank you just doesn't seem like enough for the love you've given me. But really what else is there to say other than, THANK YOU from the bottom of my expat heart.


Erwin Warkentin said…
You don't want shameful bronze. Good for you.