Friday letters


Dear Tracey...may heaven be impeccably decorated and free of blue roses.

Dear Husband...thank you for knowing more about The Great Mouse Detective than most grown men should including all the words to the song about Ratigan.

Dear travel writing are ever so interesting. AND you're helping figure out this whole blogging thing too which is just crazy random happenstance.

Dear Austrian friend...Four bags of brown sugar?!?! You're the BEST!!!!!

Dear was cold the other day. Okay...cold for you. Like -13 and it was a little icy and I slipped and felt like home.

Dear 2 franc gluhwein from the grocery're not half bad. I like you.

Dear Swiss Postal System...You're kind of amazing. And efficient. And awesome. And great.

Dear Canadian Postal could learn something from the Swiss.

Dear Christmas cards that are trickling remind us that we are loved.

Dear Christmas card we sent out this year...I haven't been this proud of a Christmas card since the first one we did in 2003.

Dear packing for Berlin...I'll get to you I swear.


  1. I rather like the gluhwein as well. It's pretty tasty and for CHF 2.50 (or whatever it is) it's not bad.

    Nothing quite compares to the freshly-made stuff outside in the cold, but this isn't a half-bad substitute when one is lazy and just wants to nuke a mug for a few minutes.

    The Canadian post office is what's taking my cunning Jayne hat so long to bloody arrive! Arg!

  2. I'm afraid I may have picked the wrong postal option a few weeks ago and so the package I sent may be late :( I'm sorry in advance if it is. John should rest assured that there are no bells this time though :p

  3. Just discovered you through Expat Blogs! Your blog is hilarious :) Looking fwd to reading all of your other posts!



  4. I can't tell you how thrilling it is that someone else knows about The Great Moust Detective. I adore that Disney flick, and I'm quite sad no one talks about it. Similar to The Emperor's New Groove - hilarious and totally ignored. le sigh. ~ L

  5. Having Christmas cards trickle in to my little corner of France is making me feel very loved indeed (Dear La Poste: Thank you for actually delivering my cards this year).
    And since my mother has flown over from the States I had her bring me three boxes of brown sugar! I'm going to get my baking on :)


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