2012 in lists

Top 5 moments of win in 2012

1. Going kayaking for the first time! That was a big deal for me. I'm nervous about water. I'm scared of kayaks due to an ex-boyfriends lack of teaching skills. I felt forced into it. But overall, no one drowned and we had a fabulous time.

2. Going to London for my 28th Birthday. John had wanted to keep it a surprise until the very last moment but when we found out my grandmothers health had taken a turn for the terminal he had to tell me. He wanted me to have a light in the midst of a lot of dark.

3. Our 18 day trip home to Canada. It was full of food, friends, family and FLAT! A weird thing happened on this trip though. We realized Switzerland is home now, not the prairies. Our hearts will always be there as its where our roots are but home is Switzerland now.

4. Celebrating 1 year of living in Switzerland. This is HUGE. There were times where we were ready to call it quits and just go home but we didn't. We couldn't. We're too stubborn to quit. And thankfully the rough times were few and far between.

5. Started my Matador U travel writing course. This is a step in the direction of a new career for me and that is ridiculously exciting.

*Bonus moment* Winning a gold for Switzerland in the Expat Blogger Awards

Top 5 significant birthday of 2012

1. My mom celebrated 50 while in Italy.
2. My brother turned 30 (just days before my mom turned 50 by the way.)
3. Our goddaughter of AWESOME turned 5.
4. Our godson the lover of all things Thomas turned 2.
5. Our wonderful animated niece Zombie Snack turned 2.

Top 5 moments of not so Win in 2012

1. Both of our grandmothers passing away within a month of each other and not being able to go home for either of their funerals.

2. Applying for jobs and not getting them based on my permit status. I have a different permit than most expats and that leads to a lot of places not knowing how to deal with them or being concerned that I will up and leave unannounced. I can't tell you how incredibly discouraging it is to not get a job that you are more than qualified for because of what letter appears on your legitimization card.

3. Realizing my book was going no where. Like seriously no where. So I had to lay it to rest and try and figure out how to approach it differently and in a way that made way more sense to me. Oh and it has to jive with my creative process.

4. Intentional and unintentional hurtful (and sometimes down right mean) comments from random sources about the lack of procreating the husband and I have done.

5. The jet lag. Not mine. Johnathan's. And it's looking like it will be more of the same in 2013.

Top 5 sights I saw in 2012 (click images to enlarge)

Top 5 best blog posts of 2012 (as according to my blog stats)

1. To the Woman I want to be

2. The Trailing Wife

3. You can't just write cornflakes 50,000 times

4. Attacking the Silence

5. The Womanifesto Challenge

Top 5 "John moments" of 2012

1.  "I only want great things for your future." In the Sony store in Berlin waiting to pay for my new camera.

2. "Have you ever stood too close to fire? Well that's what the heat feels like here." During a skype conversation from Doha.

3. "I get first dibs on the taco salad! I came 7000 kms for this...you came from the living room so back off." At my in-laws place when it was announced the taco salad was ready.

4. "No, we're not going to Italy just so you can have dessert!" After I asked him if we could go to Milan after watching an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Fight.

5. "Yup....there really isn't anything to get in the way of your view here." His description of the drive to his childhood home from Winnipeg.

Top 5 "songs I will never get sick of" in 2012

1. Beam me up by P!nk

2. True love by P!nk

3. Guardian by Alanis Morisette

4. I won't give up by Jason Mraz

5. Cello Wars by The Piano Guys


me said…
Your past year sounds amazing!!! So much travel (I'm jealous) - London for your birthday? Lucky! Wouldn't it be cool to be able to hop over to Milan for desert -just because?

I hope your 2013 is brilliant!

PS- Grunge is cool ;)
Tatiana said…
I was trying to explain the coolness factor of dessert in Milan to the husband but apparently I need a better reason (like I had in February when I said we should go for the Tattoo convention.)
Anne Marie said…
Your life inspires me. What an awesome year. Huzzah to Switzerland being home now!