Tuesday 10

It's week two of NaNoWriMo and we have another NaNo Themed Tuesday 10. 
It's totally taken over my life at the moment. 
Deal with it

I was reading the Reddit NaNoWriMo sub reddit today (fun fact I'm a redditor) and there
was a topic about if we were all to get published what would our dedication page say.
I smiled a little and remembered the year my best friend and I joked
about making our novels 50,000 word dedications. Genius!!

So here we have the 10 dedications that would occur if by some mysterious force this
pile of words with some really brilliant moments of awesome gets published.

1. To the husband - you put up with more diva moments then a snickers commercial
and you pretended I was writing the next biggest thing in the literary world when you
really didn't have to. This book happened because of your mad tea making skills.

2. To Jamie - my intercontinental cheerleader and writer of epic
penguin stories.

3. To the 16 hours I spent on a train to and from Berlin - you provided me with no
internet access and no where else to wander off to. Your first class seating is the
perfect place to write like the wind and stare out the window pensively.

4. To Mom - Every year NaNoWriMo happens and every year you ask
is this "the book." My answer is always no but you're excited for me regardless.

5. To Daddy - you find NaNoWriMo odd but I'm okay with that. You're supportive
regardless and assure me that having no plot when I start isn't a bad thing based on
what's currently being published. It makes me feel better.

6. To Starbucks - for your seasonal drinks, your free wifi and your people watching.
Oh and for not caring that I sit there from 11:30 until 2:30 on Thursdays.

7. To the ladies on Buzzle doing NaNoWriMo with me - thank you for your victories
your set backs and your encouragement. We're all in this together dragging
each other towards to the finish line.

8. To NaNoWordSprints - your prompts, challenges and encouraging
on twitter got me through the darkest moments of writers block.

9. To Hemmingway - simply for your suggestion to write drunk and edit sober.

10. To the Office of Letters and Lights - for the 30 days and 30 nights of literary abandon.



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