Spend some time with Johnathan and Tatiana

J: Write 500 words and THEN we can watch the new episode of QI.
T: Why don't you love me any more?

T: You know, this year I'm actually kind of proud of my NaNoWriMo novel so far.
J: Wow...semi proud, that's a big step!

T: My mom commented that I had a really good sense of direction.
J: *laughs so hard no sound comes out*
T: What?
J: How bad is her sense of direction that she thinks yours is good?

*On the phone*
J: How many words did you write today?
T: like 200. But I wrote a great blog post.

J: How are you?
T: I finished my book. How are you?
J: Not as good as you apparently.
T: Did you finish writing a book today?
J: Yes...but it was two pages and it was more like a report on my trip to Bangladesh.
*Later that evening*
T: *trying to open a chocolate bar* OPEN!!! I finished writing a mother f**** book today. OPEN!
J: Did you just yell at your chocolate bar?
T: Maybe...yes.

J: I kind of want to watch Corner Gas.
T: Are you feeling home sick?
J: A little.
T: Seeing some angled parking will make you feel much better.

T: You should shave your goatee into that creepy 70's stache for the UPU Christmas party.
J: You can't even look at me when I have that.
T: No...I can't but I can spent the night looking at all the good looking exotic men instead.
J: You're a letch.

Via skype
T: You should be proud of me I didn't buy a handbag I really wanted today.
J: How much was it?
T: Many Euros.
J: Tatiana, you don't do a lot of things you're not suppose to do on a daily basis like you don't shoot the president and don't buy handbags you don't need. That doesn't mean I automatically have to be proud of you. It's called being a decent person.
T: Do you want to see a picture of it?
J: You weren't listening were you.
T: *finding the picture on her ipod* Nope.


Anne Marie said…
I read this out to my mommy. We decided to miss you both together tonight <3
Tatiana said…
Awww we miss you both too!