I can't I'm writing...and I'm in Berlin

Who takes off to Berlin in the middle of NaNoWriMo to hang
out with her family when she could be at home in an empty apartment
in Switzerland whilst he husband is away in Bangladesh?

This girl!

Yup I'm in Berlin. Getting here was a bit of an adventure to say the least.
But hooray for Deutsche Bahn for being amazing, efficient and givers of gummy bears.
Oh and hooray for my zuca bag which is not only awesome luggage but changes
into a seat when I can't find one on a train. More on that whole thing later.

So I'm in Berlin.
I'm still writing.
Thank the writing gods for a mom
who gets what it's like to live with a writer.

As of right now I'm 61% done my novel.

There are some super awesome blog posts coming up with week.
For real and for true.
We've got a list, a vlog (uh huh) and maybe one or two other fun things.
Because you know I don't have enough going on.

And because I think this is very applicable.