Friday Letters


Dear Portage N' Maim...I put on the dress I wore as your bridesmaid yesterday. I completed my outfit and for whatever reason stuck my hands in the pockets of the dress. I pulled out the tums I carried around for you all day on your wedding day. I smilled. Then I missed you.

Dear Husband...I like you.

Dear Tater...your mom posted a video of you singing soft kitty. I hope it makes you blush the most amazing shade of red when you're older but please know when you're dying over the existence of a video of 2 year old you singing a song from a TV shows your godparents loved it beyond words.

Dear Woman who picked up my ipod after I dropped it and ran after me to give it're awesome!!!

Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte...your time in Switzerland was all to short but you made the husband and I think of Pumpkin pie and that was nice.

Dear Gingerbread Latte...WELCOME. I look forward to consuming many more of you and your tasty christmasy brethren.

Dear Christmas Window're pretty. So very pretty.

Dear 8 hour train ride I'm taking next week...please don't suck. On the other hand, thank goodness for my first class ticket.


  1. There were pumpkin spice lattes in Switzerland??? Totally missed that. :( I will definitely be partaking in the gingerbread latte now that I know I can. Thank you!

    1. Oh yes they were here. The rejoicing that occurred when I found out they had made it here was ridiculous.

    2. You'll probably hear me rejoicing all the way in Vevey tomorrow when I get that gingerbread latte in my hands! :)


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