Friday letters


Dear Where's Perry game on the husbands phone....I HAVE THINGS TO DO!!! Stop being so clever and fun and awesome and great and awesome and yeah.

Dear Santa...I'll be in Berlin this Christmas. I just wanted to let you know so you could find me. 

Dear 52212 word NaNo Novel....You're awesome. So very very very very awesome.

Dear NaNoWriMo...I finished two days early. In my 6 years of NaNo I've NEVER finished early. And I probably never will again. But as of right now I'm ridiculously pleased.

Dear boy I celebrated me finishing NaNoWriMo with the same enthusiasm you had the first time I finished. It didn't matter this is the 5th time you wanted to celebrate like it was the first. I can only imagine what might happen when I write my book outside of NaNo.

Dear Zombie Snack....thank you for informing us about what sound a cat makes. Your Uncle Johnathan was particularly impressed with your spot on impression of the farm kittens.

Dear Travel writing course assignment 4...I've been trying to finish you for 4 days!!! I will finish you today. I know I can I know I can I know I can.

Dear Annual Onion Festival...I don't get the connection between onions and the 5000 mega tonnes of confetti that is thrown around. I really don't. Furthermore, I'm still finding confetti.

Dear Bestie...our emails are the highlight of my day. As are our imessages. I love that I can send you pictures of me pouting with an empty wine glass when ever I feel like it.

Dear Cookbook from're pretty. And contain ingredients I've never heard of but I'm totally cool with that because you're pretty.

Dear bought pearl bracelets for the little girls in our life in Bangladesh. I cried because those bracelets are something our niece and goddaughter will have forever and it's a token of "Uncle John was half way across the world but he still thought of me." Those little girls are very lucky to have you.

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